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20 March 2020

Weather in June in Bulgaria


The Bulgarian sea coast offers the opportunity of a great, peaceful and wholesome holiday experience. It is quite versatile and offers different experiences throughout the holiday season. This largely depends on the timing you choose for your holiday. In the beginning, the peak and the end of the holiday season have their definite pros and cons and each of them offers a great experience.


 Weather in June in Bulgaria


The timing depends largely on your needs and your ideas of a perfect holiday. As you have probably already figured out the 3 main periods of the holiday season in Bulgaria have some distinct features that distinguish them from the other 2 periods. This is the exact reason we’ve decided to provide you all of the information needed to make the best choice and book your holiday in our private villa for rent in the best possible time.


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Each of the three holiday periods has its advantages and even some disadvantages but each of them offers a great holiday experience that is full of possibilities and chances to experience Bulgaria at its finest. Do not miss them!

Family Holiday Villas with pool near Sunny Beach

 Family holiday villa in Sunny Hills , Bulgaria


In this article, we are going to talk about the start of the peak of the season – June. The first of the hottest and active months of the entire season. If you would like to know about what the holidays in May and September tend to be like – check our articles that provide further information on the topic.

What is the weather in June in Bulgaria?


 Weather in June in Bulgaria


June is a fairly good time to come to the Bulgarian Seacoast for those of you who are after a cheaper but adventurous holiday experience. In June all of the attractions and activities are already open for the tourists so there is a lot more to do in June – compared to May. Naturally, you can indulge in the usual activities such as sunbathing and swimming but there are already scuba diving, windsurfing, jet skiing and much more. The weather in June in Bulgaria is perfect for tanning on the beach or around the pool of your private villa for rent, as well as for exploring the wonders of Bulgarian nature of our historical sites.

Average June temperatures in Bulgara

 Weather in June in Bulgaria


The temperatures are already reaching heights of around 30 degrees and the temperatures on the water are approximately 23 degrees. That is a slight improvement in the temperatures manifested in May. So it is safe to say that it is a lot warmer in June!


Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria


If that doesn’t sound appealing enough – the sunrays in June are still a lot weaker than those in August– so it is still quite hot but you get the advantage of weaker UV rays. And weaker UV rays simply means that you might stay for a quite some time at the beach and never get a sunburn even without sunscreen. That is especially important for families with children and elderly tourists. Since it is a lot hotter in June we advise you to still use sunscreen and keep track of the way your skin reacts to the UV rays. It is not as safe as it is in May

Even if you decide to spend the day around the peaceful area near your holiday villa in Bulgaria with the swimming pool or the porch of your private villa for rent, instead of the beach, you will probably not suffer any of the unpleasant effects of the sun. Summer is one of the most picturesque seasons in Bulgaria and during that time of the year the nature near our private villas for rent near Sunny Beach and Burgas is still blooming and everything is green, fresh and really beautiful.

Average Seawater temperatures at Sunny Beach

 Weather in June in Bulgaria

But there is a lot more you can do while you are spending your holiday in our private rental villas. Gong on hikes and exploring the area are just one of the numerous opportunities. The village of Bryastovets, where our villas are located, takes pride in the beautiful nature that surrounds it. The outstanding combination of the proximity to both the seaside and mountain makes up for a lot of hiking opportunities. Those of you who are after a peaceful and relaxing holiday might spend their time chilling on the beach or catching some sun near the private pool. It is important to note that we have made sure that the water in our private pools is already hot enough with a temperature of around 30 degrees. This makes up for yet another pleasant experience of going for a swim, surrounded by the beautiful landscape in our villas.

And while in May the nights tend to be colder. In June they get gradually warmer and as the peak of the season approaches it is visible that you will no longer need a blanket in the evenings. If it gets too warm the air-conditioning in our private villas for rent will provide for your good night’s sleep and proper rest.

A holiday in June has its advantages. You will be surprised to find out that a lot of the services and products are somewhat cheaper. Every service – transport, food, rental cars, gas, rents – they are all cheaper than, as, in the middle of July. It is not as cheap as in May or late September. But it’s a good deal for your money.


Cheap holiday villas in June in Bulgaria

A great addition to the cheap prices is that by June all of the important establishments – restaurants, attractions, stores, and local markets are already open and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself and have the time of your life.

Something that might be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage is that in June a crowd starts forming. While in May is quite calm and empty, in June the hustle and bustle are already evident. Tourists from all over the world flock to the Bulgarian seaside in search of fun, entertainment and an outstanding holiday. If you are keen on crowds, loud and colorful gathering then this is just the time for you. Sure such a thing has its definite disadvantages. It is really easy to miss the small picturesque sceneries and beautiful details in smaller cities such as Sozopol or the old town of Nessebar. The main tourist attractions tend to get packed with people and sites like the old Nessebar, for example, lose some of their charms. But for those of you who have an eye for architectural beauty or historic value – this should be no problem at all. The Bulgarian seacoast has a lot to offer in terms of historical sites and interesting and unique attractions. There are some really beautiful, charming little coastal towns apart from Nessebar that will make you fall in love. Even if you visit the peak of the season – do not miss your chance to submerge yourself in their unique atmosphere and do not let the crowd stop you from visiting all the beautiful places. It is worth it.

Sunny Beach during July and August – It’s so crowded!

 Weather in June in Bulgaria

If you have been to Bulgaria before, then you probably know that some small local markets offer produce and are an absolute tourist favorite – the locally grown and handpicked fruits and vegetables are something every tourist finds are the best feature of their stay in Bulgaria. At this time of the holiday season, there is a huge variety of authentic delicious produce for sale on the local market. You can try some of it on one of the best prices for the entire season. The opportunities are limitless. Those of you who like cooking might enjoy grilling some fresh vegetables and delicious stakes on the barbecue near their holiday rental villa near Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

Prices in Bulgaria: HERE

Cigarette prices in Bulgaria: HERE

Fruits prices in Bulgaria: HERE

If you are looking for some other fun ways to spend your June holiday in Bulgaria– we can always suggest a hike in nature – it is the perfect timing for such an activity. The weather in Bulgaria in June offers such an opportunity. It is a lot hotter than the weather in May in Bulgaria, so a hike under the shades in the Bulgarian mountains will be an amazing and refreshing experience. Although we encourage you to bring a bottle with you because the heats are a lot stronger than those in May.

Those of you keen on history and archeology might consider visiting some of the key sites in Bulgaria. The pleasant weather will provide for a more wholesome experience but beware of extreme heats, although they are unlikely, there were some cases of extreme temperatures even in June.
Keeping in mind that it is still not the peak of the season it would be quite cheap to travel around – rent a car and explore many tourist attractions the seaside has to offer. In May the entry fees and well the prices of car rental and gas are usually way cheaper so it would be a cost-effective activity as well.
It is always a good idea to spend some part of your holiday broadening your horizons. Bulgaria has just the right thing for you on this matter. There are many cultural sites to be explored. Bulgarian history is rich in intriguing stories that are tied up to our most famous sites so if you are a lover of good stories or just a curious explorer – make sure you visit some sites.

Some tourists even prefer to visit neighboring countries since the distance isn’t really that far. A trip to Istanbul is always something that tourists enjoy. If long-distance traveling is not your cup of tea, you can always stay in the comfort of your private holiday villa for rent in Bulgaria and make the most of your stay here. At this point, you can take advantage of all of our facilities. It is important to note that the area around our villas is completely safe for children and is overall a great spot for family vacations. There is a barbecue where you can prepare some delicious meals with all-natural Bulgarian products and a playground area for children to enjoy their time in a safe environment where you can keep an eye on them.


Great holiday villas for rent in Bulgaria

Many tourists value Bulgaria as a travel destination not only for its outstanding nature and holiday possibilities but also for its shopping opportunities. Many tourists that come to Bulgaria are amazed by the lower prices of clothing, accessories, and textile in general. Usually, shopping is seen as an activity that is typical for women but no one can resist the low prices on the Bulgarian market. And it is no surprise that they are a lot lower June than in the peak of the season – July and August. You can find a great bargain if you decide to stroll the shops at the seaside.

Bulgaria is quite famous for its wild and really eventful nightlife. In June all of the popular clubs, bars and discos are already open and are hosting some of the wildest parties on the Balkans and even in Europe. If you are a party animal or simply enjoy good music and a drink, then you will be more than satisfied with the quality of nightlife in Bulgaria in June. Some of the coolest events are left for July morning and the end of July but even in June you can come across some cool DJ parties and events.

If you are still uncertain if this is the right time for you two more holiday options might be interesting for you. The other two periods – the peak and the late days of summer also have a lot to offer if you are willing to take advantage of it.
The weather and holiday conditions in the three distinct periods of the holiday season in Bulgaria offer different types of holiday experience. But one thing is for certain. No matter which one you choose you will have an unforgettable holiday. Our holiday villas for rent in Bulgaria, offer some outstanding opportunities to enjoy the perfect June weather conditions. The beautiful nature that surrounds our villas will provide for your better relaxation in peace and serenity.

If you are looking for a calm and cheap holiday – definitely choose May or September. If you are looking for a more dynamic experience with lots of different attractions, places, and events to visit at great prices – then you should come at the very beginning of the peak season – in June. It is all a matter of choice and no matter what you decide, our holiday villas for rent will provide the perfect accommodation for you, your family and friends.

Bulgaria has a lot to offer in terms of both mountain and sea tourism so if you have come to Bulgaria in June to enjoy its beautiful mountains and nature– make sure you take a few days to enjoy the pristine coastline and sparkling blue waters that are welcoming to anyone who wants to enjoy a great time on the Bulgarian seaside. We would be more than happy to welcome you in our rental villas with swimming pools at any time of the season.



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