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26 March 2020

How to boost immune system naturally


All the recent events related to the spread of viruses worldwide have proven that a strong immune system is an absolute essential. And while we sincerely believe that the hardships we are facing now will soon be behind our backs, it is important to learn our lesson and maintain a strong and resistant immune system.

How to boost our immune system natural

Natural ways to boost the immune system while on a holiday in Bulgaria

Our immune system is our greatest and most important stronghold against different toxins, bacteria, and even viruses. And after the harsh reminder we got from the unprecedented spread of Coronavirus Covid-19, it is time to consider taking some measures to reinforce our bodies and secure our better health. And it may come as a surprise, but Bulgaria offers an astonishing variety of opportunities to boost your immune system easily.

We are looking forward to the positive outcome of the situation we are currently facing and are offering some good ideas on how to take care of yourself the right way while you still keeping up with your summer plans and holiday arrangements. It is always a good idea to combine pleasure and beneficial things for your health!


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Certain things will be able to help you a lot in your fight against health hazards. Here are some of them as well as the best way to access them while on a trip to Bulgaria.

Natural Vitamin D

Bulgarian natural Vitamin D

Naturally, the very first thing that comes to mind when we talk about immune system boosting is Vitamin D. It not only helps with the absorption calcium of other vitamins and minerals, but it also helps improve the general tonus of your body.
While being famous for keeping bone structures in our body-safe, Vitamin D has also been claimed as one of the crucial elements to keep us resistant to different toxins.
The main source of the vitamin are sunrays, and as you probably know, Bulgarian seacoast is one of the sunniest and most inviting on the Balkans. Naturally, there are different ways to supply yourself with the required dose of the compound, but being outside, under the blazing sun is superior to swallowing pills all the time.

If you have already planned your holiday in one of our rental holiday villas with a private swimming pool near Sunny Beach, then you will be delighted to hear that you will be able to spend some quality time in almost complete isolation – since our villas are located in a really quiet and peaceful area. A nice refreshing day in the sun will be great, no matter where you decide to spend it. But it would be an absolute bliss to sunbathe and still be in a completely safe environment.


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The privacy we offer would help you not only enjoy the holiday to the maximum but also to regenerate and take care of the vitamin D levels in your body as well.

The Fresh air

Fresh air for your immune system

Medical specialists are widely spreading the opinion that walks outside in the sunny weather are the absolute best for your immune system. Vitamin D is the first reason that comes to mind. The second one is the fresh air.

Fresh air has many different positive effects on the human body. First of all, it energizes those who spend regular time outdoors. It also boosts the mood – scientists suggest it is one of the best methods to fight depression and burnouts.

Last but not least – it boosts the immune system. Taking deep breaths while outside will help you “refresh” your organism and aid you in the battles you take against malicious microorganisms.

Luckily, Bulgaria is rich in parks, hiking spots, beaches, forests and places with no crowds where you can take your time and enjoy the fresh air and its properties. Near our holiday villas in Bulgaria you can find some outstanding hiking tracks where you can spend time in beautiful surroundings and also do your health some good.
As the rental villas are close to the Black sea coast, you will be delighted to hear that the air on the seaside is particularly good for your health.

One of the main features of the air on the seaside is the presence of negative ions, that aid the body in the absorption of oxygen. This enhances sleeping matters, helps with stress reduction and much more.

The iodine vapors help a lot with strengthening the lungs and with keeping them clean and properly functioning. Moreover, the scientist has proven that people who spend more time near the sea are in better overall health.
The beach has some undeniable benefits, you can use sand and seaweed to exfoliate and give your skin a better look in just a few minutes. A simple scrub with sand can make your skin softer and smoother for just 10 minutes.

Seawater is a natural immunostimulant

Bulgarian seawater benefits

The seawater is not only really refreshing during summer heats. It is also rich in iodine and is a great opportunity to detox your organism. The benefits of being in salted waters are explained by scientist and confirmed worldwide. It has been proven that a dip in seawater increases the numbers of both the red and white blood cells in your organism. This helps a weakened immune system gain back its strength.

The beautiful Bulgarian seacoast and its pristine sparkling waters are the perfect combination of the three most important components that boost your immune system – Vitamin D, fresh air and seawater. It is recommended to do beach exercises in the early morning (preferably around 8 o’clock, because of the excessive fuming of iodine) or in the evening.

If you are too shy and prefer to exercise in privacy, then our private rental villas with a swimming pool will appeal to your taste. You can swim, and do some water gymnastics – both really good for your tonus. Or you can jog around and so some stretching away from curious eyes.

Bulgarian pool benefits

It already sounds as if Bulgaria is the best destination for a renewal holiday but there is a lot more than our magnificent country has to offer. Nutritionists and doctors share the opinion that our immune system is of crucial importance to what we consume in the form of both foods and drinks.

Food as natural immunostimulant for your body

 Which food  stimulate the immune system

Bulgaria has some of the world’s best natural remedies and immune boosters, thriving and growing in our back yards. Here is a list of some of the natural boosters and where you can find them on the Seacoast. We already have presented an article about the freshness and affordability of Bulgarian vegetables and fruits as well as the best places to find some of them. You can read more about it here.

Which foods stimulate the immune system?


 Garlic immunostimulant

The fact that garlic is at the top of this list probably comes as no surprise. One of its main properties is that it fights infections quickly and efficiently. It’s healing properties are mostly due to the high concentration of compounds that contain sulfur. This makes up for lowering the blood pressure and slowing down the general process of the hardening of the arteries.

There is probably no need to mention the flavor properties of this product and its essential role in every cuisine. But in Bulgaria, you can find all-natural homegrown garlic on every market down the seacoast.


 Onion immunostimulant

In the very same fashion, as the garlic, the onion is not only of the most flavorsome vegetables but one of the healthiest as well.
Onions are rich in sulfur and selenium. That makes up for great blood flow. But what is valuable about onions being immunity boosters is their antioxidant properties.
Some of you might already know but onions are also really good with curing common colds, fevers and even sore throat and the flu.


 Honey immunostimulant

Honey has been keeping the attention of nutritionists for so long now, and they have proven that this seemingly simple ingredient is the solution to many problems, not only those related to the immune system.

One of the most crucial benefits of honey is that it helps with sleep issues. Making the sleep better and a lot more peaceful. In today’s stressful way of life, it is important that we get a good sleep to stay productive, energized and most importantly healthy.
Honey is also really good in case you feel tired or overall exhausted. It supplies you with a great amount of energy even if you have consumed the smallest of the amount.
But the most important feature is the effect it has on our immune system. Honey is a great remedy for sure throats. The important fact is that it also has distinguished antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties.

For best protection, we suggest a cup of nice warm herbal tea and a few teaspoons of honey keep your immune system in track.

Herbs and tea

 Herbs and tea immunostimulants

There are numerous different herbs and berries, that grow in Bulgaria and around our holiday villas.
Chamomile, thyme, mint, St. John’s Wort and many others. The list is of overwhelming lengths. Each of those herbs has different properties, but combined in different tea combinations will definitely help you fortify your immune system.

Chamomile, for instance, is known for fighting down infections and common colds, while thyme tackles bronchitis.

Wild berries are another great addition to this list because you can add them to tea or consume them straight away. They are known for being a substantial source of nutrients and Vitamin C and manganese. Most of the berries are also excellent antioxidants. They are also of great help, fighting inflammations.

Red Bell Peppers

 Red bell peppers immunostimulants

Most people consider oranges, tangerines, and citrus, in general, the best possible source of Vitamin C. Well you might need to think twice because this outstanding vegetable is one of the richest in vitamin products of nature.
Red Bell Peppers contain about twice as much vitamin C as any of the citrus fruits that we praise so much. What makes them stand out, however, is the beta carotene. This compound makes skin softer and additions to the better preservation of eyesight.

Luckily the Red Bell Pepper is one of the most preferred agricultural items on the Bulgarian market. Not only is it widespread and popular but almost every household has its homegrown peppers. This means that you can come across some on the roads and in markets. Do not miss your chance to boost your immune system and take care of your flawless looks with this nutritional treasure.


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Sunflower seeds

 Sunflower seeds as immunostimulants

Many might look at this with a lot of distrusts, but sunflower seeds are rich in magnesium, phosphorus and Vitamin B6. All of these compounds are known to have benefited the immune system.
But the real game-changer here is the Vitamin E – which is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to humankind.


 Shellfish as immunostimulants

Since you are most probably going to spend a lot of time on the Bulgarian seaside, it would be a shame to overlook one of the most unusual and unexpected sources of nutrients that boosts your immune system – the shellfish.
Most of the known shellfish (crabs, clams, lobsters, mussels) are well-packed with zinc. This is the compound that keeps our immunity afloat.

An important reminder is that while you can’t overdose on vitamins, you most definitely should not exceed the reasonable intake of zinc. So enjoy the delicious Bulgarian shellfish but in reasonable amounts.

Bulgarian Yogurt

 Bulgarian yogurt as immunostimulants

One of the signature Bulgarian products – yogurt is also one of the most beneficial to the immune system. The bacteria that are responsible for the actual existence of yogurt can also play the role of a supporting agent in your battle with seasonal flu, bacteria and even viruses.

A great thing to keep in mind is that authentic yogurt can be found on the markets in Bulgaria and if you are lucky enough some of the local farmers might even sell a homemade version of this delicious and healthy treat.
Normally it is a good idea to consume the yogurt as it is – free of sugars and any additions that might spoil its qualities. But if you wanted to there would be no trouble mixing it with your cereal or oatmeal.
In combination with cucumbers, the Bulgarian yogurt turns into the Bulgarian dish “Tarator”. It is one of the most popular dishes, but what people often fail to acknowledge is how healthy it is. The combination of cucumber (with its known antioxidant features), the Bulgarian yogurt, some garlic and a pinch of salt does wonders for your immune system.


 Watermelon as immunostimulants

Usually, we see watermelons as an awesome summer refreshment or addition to our cocktails, but this fruit is so rich in vitamins and nutrients that it is a match to the citruses.
Just a few pieces of watermelon supply you with your daily dose of Vitamin A and more than a quarter of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Moreover, watermelons are rich in potassium, which is essential for maintaining a decent immunity status.

Another great thing we should highlight is the low-calorie value of the fruit. There is no limit to consuming it which means limiting the health and nutritional value you might make out of it.
Most of us try to get their supply of vitamin B6 through different pills, tablets, and medicine. Why go through all that trouble when watermelon provides a substantial amount of it in every portion?


 Alcohol as immunostimulants

Scientists have long debated if alcohol is good or bad for your health. It has been proven that moderate doses of wine might help you keep your immune system working efficiently.

Bulgaria has a lot of great wine options to offer. But we would like to remind you that if the moderate amounts are exceeded this might lower your defense. The suggested amount is a glass of wine at dinner.


Naturally, there are a lot more foods that serve as stimulants to our immune system, such as ginger, citrus fruits, etc. We have narrowed our scope down to the typical Bulgarian, natural, GMO-free alternatives that will only help you and bring positive effects to your overall help.


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In these difficult times, it is important to do the right thing for your health. Stay calm, boost your immune system and take good care of your health.



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