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18 June 2019

Shopping in Sunny Beach

One of the key aspects of a good holiday is great shopping opportunities. Sunny Beach can really deliver an amazing experience on that matter. Do not miss on visiting Sunny Beach while you are on your holiday in our rental holiday villas near Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach is one of the busiest and definitely one of the best-developed resorts in Bulgaria


Shopping Sunny beach


While shopping in Sunny Beach

Each year thousands of tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the outstanding opportunities the resort has to offer. While it is famous for its extensive parting and wild nightlife it is also famous for the limitless shopping alternatives. There are over 15 000 different types of shops scatters all over the premises of the resort. They vary from souvenir shops to shops of famous clothing brands to local smaller clothes and souvenir producers. The large diversity will really leave you satisfied with your shopping spree.


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Since it is one of the most famous places in Bulgaria, it is no surprise that world famous brands would open stores in the area. Most of the stores of famous brands can be found in the local shopping center – Royal Beach Mall. It is one of the largest Malls on the Bulgarian seaside and Is really stocked with all of the newest freshest fashion collections and trendy accessories. There are many different stores that offer anything you may possibly need: from clothing to sportswear and luxurious jewelry. On the premises, you can also find a Karaoke Bar.

The Royal Beach Mall – Sunny Beach


Royal beach mall Sunny beach


Although the Royal Beach Mall is the main shopping location of the resort there are numerous smaller shops and retail locations that offer an even wider range of opportunities. Most of the stores offer western brands and clothing but if you come across some of the local ones you will be surprised to find out that Bulgarian and Turkish clothing lines offer the same, and even higher quality, on way lower prices. If you go on a shopping spree at Sunny beach do not limit yourself to the well-known brands of the West. Visit some of the local boutique shops. There can be found some of the most astonishing, fashionable and interesting pieces of clothing. One of the most popular shops in the center of the city is specialized in selling swimming suits. They are not just any regular suits but are made in Bulgaria and Turkey from really high-quality materials and they come in thousands of different colors, sizes, and models. It is one of the busiest shops in the resort.


Shopping Sunny beach


In the resort, you can also come across hundreds of shopping stands outdoors that offer anything from souvenirs to jewelry, clothing and inflatable items suitable for the beach. Anything you can possibly want can be found both in shops and on those stands. Usually, prices really vary from a retail owner to another so we suggest that you get familiar with what the acceptable prices are.

One key aspect of shopping is groceries shopping. Sunny Beach offers a cornucopia of stores to choose from. In general, groceries and essential necessities are really affordable and accessible. There are some larger supermarkets and quite a few local smaller shops that sometimes sell at better prices than the larger stores. If you are looking for some bargains, then our advice is to aim for the local warehouses and stores where you are likely to find things on a really cheap price. Overall shopping in the resort is affordable and pleasant since there is a wide range of opportunities.


Sunny beach Supermarkets


If you are looking for some fast food chains the resort has you covered on that matter as well. All the worldwide famous chains have their own spots in the city so if you are interested in purchasing some familiar fast food items, there would be no trouble.


Rose oil Sunny beach


Finding some amazing souvenirs to bring back home should also be no trouble. The streets are packed with different souvenir stands that offer very interesting items. Some of the best ideas on what to as a souvenir home, apart from magnets and postcards, is a bottle of that outstanding Bulgarian rose rakia or some rose oil. They will be a great thing to share with your friends who have not yet been to Bulgaria and maybe even convince them to visit the country as well.


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