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22 May 2018

Top 10 best beach bars in Bulgaria

Night clubs on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are preferred by many tourists visiting our country. Bulgarian citizens and foreigners from all over the world arrive at the sea for a holiday or a summer adventure, and some are visiting mostly for the party. No matter under which category you may fall you will wish to visit some of the club destinations listed below. After all, what better solution than to combine the rest in one of our complexes with a little sea mood at a beach bar. We could even make a reservation for you at some of the clubs or assist you with the transport.

But which Black Sea nightclubs are the most popular at the moment? Read the list below and you find out this and much more.


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If you love the combination of quality music, open sea parties, exotic club atmosphere and a great deal of alcohol, then we can certainly say that you have found your place! As it is said, our Black Sea is never sleeping.

We present to you some club destinations that you can visit during your stay in one of our holiday villas or apartments:

1. Neptune Restaurant&Bar – Burgas

The exquisite atmosphere, the perfect service and the many pleasant emotions – all this is only a small part of the things that make the citizens of Bourgas and the guests of the town, every night to cross the entrance of the complex. The bar offers a rich assortment of soft and alcoholic drinks – wines from different parts of the world, old whiskeys, classic cocktails. Two floors with a total of 120 seats make the bar a wonderful choice for all types of occasions. The music is varied, but it is always well-chosen and meets the sophisticated style of the complex.

On the beach, with a smell of sea, breeze and taste of an ice-cream cocktail, amidst greenery and flowers, like the magic Paradise, stands the beach bar. Smiling bartenders will mingle with lots of love favorite summer drinks. Light lunch and fun games happen right under the sun’s rays, and for the little ones the carefree moments begin in the summer playground. The afternoons arrive immeasurably with the new “Mojito” under the sounds of quality music and become the most beautiful sunsets to make part of a fun night with friends, intriguing flirting or simply give you unique hours of relaxation and fun. Burgas, Primorski Park, Central beach

2. Saxa Beach bar – Burgas

One of the best beach bars in Burgas. It is situated on the north beach of Burgas. During the day you can take sun beds and parasol for a small fee, lying on the beach, drinking cocktails and listen good music. When the night comes it is a hot point for young and modern people.

3. Beach bar Caribe – Burgas

Beach Bar Caribe is located on the beach promenade in the city of Burgas, opposite the Surf Club. The interior features comfortable lounges and panoramic windows, revealing a wonderful view of the sea. For summer there are outdoor places directly on the beach. This beach bar is suitable for a party with friends, and refreshing drinks contribute to the good setting. There are theme parties and live performers.

4. Amaya beach – Burgas

Ideally located between park and sea, Amaya Beach Club will impress you with its modern design, exquisite international cuisine, varied cocktails and stylish music. The breathtaking view from the southern part of the Bourgas bay with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets of the Black Sea fits into the unique scenic and romantic atmosphere.

The restaurant of the complex connects several halls and has about 400 seats – a park garden, an open and a covered part and a terrace, which is literally above the sea waves. For private parties and companies looking for privacy, there is an independent room in which you will feel really special. The good mood of the guests is guaranteed by the music club.
While the varied culinary menu, the good service and the rich range of different wines and drinks fascinate even the most discerning customers in the restaurant, the sunbathing lovers, the nice music, the cool cocktails and the daily parties will feel at the right place. Amaya Beach Club offers 200 lying spots, a saltwater pool and is connected with the soft golden sand of the seaside beach. Once you get into the world of Amaya Beach, the choice is endless. The unique atmosphere and the star presence of performers and DJs from Bulgaria and abroad guarantee a unique experience and an intriguing atmosphere. The club has over 500 seats and for the clients of the complex is provided parking for about 140 cars.

5. Bedroom BeachSunny beach

Bedroom is the crown jewel in the beach bars of our Black Sea coast. From a small pool tent in just a few years, it looks like some of the most luxurious bars along the coast: Nice, Miami, Dubai or Ibiza. The days here are filled with bubbles of chilled champagne and the gorge of beautiful girls with swimsuits like the fashiоntv magnificent show. Evenings are naughty, given the high degree of drink and the inebriating aromas of expensive perfume. This season, the program with avenues is not empty, whether you will be a star of the world elite or one of our most popular DJs. Sunny Beach, Cacao Beach

6. Beach bar Cabana – Sunny beach

If you were not walking around the main shopping street of Sunny Beach, you do not know about the existence of a new and very different place from the other places around. Cabana is one of the most stylish beach bars that appeared in the megapolis soon. If we have already triggered your curiosity, we will tell you that you will easily find it, on the left side of the bungee. During the day, the bar is perfect, with a private beach and a swimming pool in the sand. The large white-draped rattan beds complete the picture. Evenings here are particularly hot if you come to the authentic Cuban party with dancers. Sunny Beach, Seaside promenade

7. Club Briliantin/ La Cubanita – Sunny beach

In our country, Briliantin has long been calling for more than an association with the 70s cult film. Again, he creates ideas for passionate dancing and music, but this time John Travolta is you, and your Olivia Newton is somewhere there, hidden among the canopies and palms at the summer residence of the emblematic Bulgarian club. Part of the most visited complex on our Black Sea coast, Brilliantin opens for another summer, with a program that you cannot respect. At least several times. From Saturdays in the company of Count, Upsurt, Michaela Fileva and Co, through the weekly Monster Hip Hop parties to Sash’s unsolved club sets – this summer everyone has more than one reason to choose Brilliantin. So we will not plan for you. We leave the unbearable temperatures in Sofia in July alone to dictate your plan. Sunny Beach, Cacao Beach

8. Cacao Beach – Sunny beach

Whatever words we use for Cacao, we will probably just repeat it. For more than a decade, the club’s schedule sets the holiday dates for a large number of holidaymakers at the native Black Sea coast

An unquestionable leader, as far as party evenings, Cacao is much more than that. Tasting daily metamorphoses, during the day it is a place for daily parties or a break with a nice musical background and refreshing cocktails, and with the onset of the night it becomes a top destination. The sunrises of Cacao Beach are something that remains in the memories and makes you come back again and again. This is something unchanged today, and the prospect is to stay that way because the next SOLAR season is just beginning, and besides, the club has prepared enough variety from daytime and nightly entertainment. Sunny Beach, Cacao Beach

9. Cayo beach bar – Sunny beach

Over time this place has found its people, and now harmony between them can be felt as soon as you step on the white grill in the bar. The great cocktails of the bartenders from the day shift make the hours from sunrise to sunset very enjoyable. We are sure that the wave of the peasants on the background of the palm trees and the calm sea will flood Cayo in the peak of the season. The night shift dj will alternate one after the other some of your favorite songs you waited for right here. Kraos & Company know how. Sunny Beach, next to the Bourgas Hotel

10. Bash Bar – Camping Garden

The Bash Bar is one of those places where you can dock and stay for days. During the day you will recharge after another strong party evening, pleasantly taking off the waves breaking down in front of you and the slight wobble of the straw shed. The soft barbarians literally invite you to sink into them while on the table next to you you have a cocktail after a cocktail. In the evening, here is the place where crazy parties and unforgettable nights happen. We strongly recommend you make the first of a number of visits going in July, when you will experience the cool Bebe life on the beach. Camping Garden

11. Kite Bar – Camping Garden

Kite Bar remains one of the freshest places on the South Black Sea coast. It is located in the beautiful bay of camping Garden, which welcomes you with its cool shade, specially selected music and delicious cocktails. You will see the far-off pink flag, driven by the pleasant breeze of the wind.

Just a short distance from the beach, KiteBar is the attractive spot for lovers of daily relaxation, water sports – kite and windsurfing, and midnight dances until sunrise. The rich monthly program with evening DJ parties has traditionally been announced a month earlier on the Facebook page of the venue, where occasional special events take place. Camping Garden

12. La Mouche Bar – Camping Garden

La Mouche Bar is located close to the Blue Orange Hotel, between Gradina Camping and Golden Fish. This peaceful and casual place is one of the most romantic places on our southern Black Sea coast. Sunrises and sunsets are among the biggest attractions of the bar and the photos from this corner of the beach are like a card in the bookstore. During the day, you can have a fresh mojito drink and collect the sun rays and energy that you will need at dusk when some of the coolest DJs on our marine horizons come to visit – Ilko, Ihou, Boro, Kas, who marry here on the stairs in front of the bar. Camping Garden

13. La Maison – Sozopol

When AMICA, Bravacasa and L’Europeo are looking for their summer home, they look for a real port. A place where happiness throws anchor. Where people arrive like boats driven by their own wind. And where chief editors, journalists, photographers and stylists work while having fun and vice versa. Here’s how last summer, under the shade of yachts waving dolce vita flags, La Maison appeared in the marina of Sozopol

14. KohiKohi Beach Bar – Royal Beach

There are places for special moments to enjoy life. One such is the famous KohiKohi Beach Bar – amazing bar, which is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – the “Royal Beach”. The combination of smiling staff and a refreshing fresh juice of fresh and selected fruits or an interesting cocktail – no one is left without getting a special friendly attitude. Royal Beach

15. Bar Pampero – Arapia

Situated between the rocks of the Little and the Big Beach of Camping Arapia, Pampero welcomes you to indulge in a complete relaxation, with sounds of good music, a cocktail in your hand and a breathtaking view. Perched on the hot sand, it is a true sea paradise in orange and white. The “Pampero” Bar is one of those places where, if you find yourself, you want the summer to be endless. Camping Arapia

16. Beach Bar Green Life – Sozopol

Surrounded by sand dunes and crystal clear blue water, the bar offers a unique feel for all-day relaxation under the sounds of waves combined with cool music. While relaxing on the barbarians or enjoying a company, you can cool off the summer with the newest offer here- the Green Life’s fresh cocktail.

Here are some tricks that the bars on the Black Sea use to attract more visitors:

• Free entrance

• HappyHour or cocktail price reduction every hour

• Free alcohol consumption up to 2 in the night for ladies

• Free shots for everyone, and many more

We hope we have been helpful with this article and have provided you with you useful information about the hottest clubs and bars to visit. If you have any hesitation from the above listed clubs and bars, our team will give you advice on the spot when you arrive at our villas or apartments.

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