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9 October 2019

Best day trip while on villa holiday in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is rich in historical sites that capture the interest of numerous tourists every year. One of the most interesting is doubtlessly the ancient Thracian sanctuary city of Perperikon.

If you are looking for an interesting and educational thing to do while on your vacation in a rental villa in Bryastovets, Bulgaria or in a holiday apartment for rent in Burgas, Bulgaria, quickly head to Perperikon! You are not going to regret it.


Perperikon: the ancient Thracian city you must visit

Perperikon, Bulgaria


Location of Perperikon

The ancient city is located in the Eastern part of the Rodopi Mountain. Usually, a car ride from your rental holiday villas with a private swimming pool in Bryastovets to Perperikon should not take more than 3 hours. There are different alternatives to the means of reaching this cultural and historical spot. But a car is the definite best option available. In case you’ve come to Bulgaria without your vehicle, you can choose any from the numerous rent-a-car services that are available. Another great alternative is combining this trip to Perperikon with another trip – to Istanbul – the capital city of Turkey. In case you are booking a longer visit in Bulgaria, this is an outstanding option to experience numerous different cultures in just a short period of time.

The best way to find your path to this sacred Thracian spot is by reaching the village of “Gorna Krepost” (Eng: Upper Fortress). The small village is situated on the very foot of a hill that is 470 meters high. Right atop of that very same hill is the largest megalith ensemble in the Balkan Peninsula – Perperikon. So you better expect some hiking as well as the pleasant car ride in the beautiful Bulgarian nature. As we speak about nature you visit our beautiful Bulgarian villa rentals.



What to expect from Perperikon

First of all, maybe you should really get familiar with what a megalith is supposed to be. The entire structure of the shrine is made completely out of stone. Everything you can see is just large stones, gathered together in a really special assembly, placed in distinct positions that help to channel the energies that come from both nature and the Sun. Those shrines have been put together or built thousands of years ago. Back then the Thracian tribes ruled Bulgarian lands and had all sorts of different religious ceremonies carried out in such spots – that are nowadays known as megaliths.

Perperikon, Bulgaria


The site Perperikon has always been considered a sacred place that holds really strong spiritual powers. And it is no wonder that many different cultures made it their favorite spot. The history of Perperikon does not revolve around any particular civilization. It is believed that the first traces of human activity in the region date back to neolith. Back then the stone was considered the holiest of objects. Since it gave shelter to people and was their main weapon as well. Ancient tribes believed that stones channel all the energy that comes from nature and are a source of power. This is why they worshipped stone. The entire shrine of the pagan tribes consisted of large, round stones. Most Thracian tribes are said to have practiced some rituals that involved fire and dancing, as well as welcoming the Sun and worshipping its immense powers. There are many traces of the Thracian and even earlier inhabitants of this mind-blowing place. Some of them are said to have been fortunetellers, servants to the ancient gods and many people flocked there to receive a blessing. Remains of the giant pagan altar can be seen to this day. Back then started the formation of a living environment surrounding the shrine. Some living spaced were built near the shrine. One of them was so large that it consisted of many different rooms and even had a throne chamber. What tourists find especially intriguing in the opportunity to sit on that very same throne and “feel the way rulers felt back then”.

Since the place has always been sacred and holly, it probably should not come as a surprise that soon after Christianity took over the world at the very same place a church was built. Around the church a strong fortress formed in the blink of an eye. Soon Perperikon became not only the religious center it once was but an administrative one as well. The construction of numerous different buildings did not take long. Perperikon was a key location for both Bulgarians and Byzantines and that’s why they fought so many wars over the key fortress. Nowadays there are remains of many buildings and temples from a few different historical periods.

Perperikon, Bulgaria


Perperikon is considered one of the most interesting and fascinating tourist destinations in Bulgaria, not only because of the fact that is made primarily out of stone but because it is one of the biggest and best-preserved cultural sites that embody so many different civilizations. The ancient city also goes by the name the Stone city so do not be surprised if you come across that name instead of Perperikon.

So what is actually there to be seen and done?! The actual remains that can be seen and observed are a real cornucopia of history. The main attraction is, of course, sitting on the Stone throne in the throne room. But apart from that, you can explore some well-preserved and quite massive fortress walls, which is a perfect example of the building style and way of life in medieval times. The huge carved in the stone palace is another popular part of the giant stone complex. In fact, the entire complex covers 12 square kilometers of space. On the highest part of the hill, right underneath the sky, you can visit the Acropolis of the city. The neighborhoods of Perperikon are also open to visitors. There you can walk down the remains of different streets and glance at what is left of medieval houses.

Perperikon, Bulgaria


An especially interesting site is the church. Historians claim that it functioned properly as a church up until the 14th century. When the Ottoman invasion on the Balkans began the church was abandoned. Today you can find the location of the church and explore the typical Byzantine way of constructing churches in the earlier days of the empire.

Perperikon, Bulgaria



Overall Perperikon is considered one of the greatest cultural treasures not only in Bulgaria but in the entire world. If you are even at least a little interested in history, ancient religions and immense cultural value, you are guaranteed to love Perperikon.

Naturally, there is an entrance fee you should keep in mind while heading to the sire. It is just 3 Bulgarian leva but the experience is definitely worth it. There are also opportunities to buy souvenirs and other merchandise related to the place and it would be an outstanding and unique gift for your beloved ones at home. After this trip, you can return to your beautiful Bulgarian villa rentals with its own swimming pools




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