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28 March 2019

Things to do in Sunny beach

A holiday villa with pool in Bulgaria? Simple guide to all the activities you can enjoy while being there

Holiday in Burgas,Bulgaria

Already staying in a private villa with a swimming pool in Bryastovets and looking for holiday activities? Then this article is just what you need!

1. Water sports in Sunny Beach

Water sports in Bulgaria

Laying around the pool in your rental private villa in Bryastovets for sure seems fun. But for those who seek the risk and adrenalin, the Bulgarian seaside has a lavishness of activities to offer.
They range from kayaking and rafting to underwater diving and surfing of any possible kind (wind, wake, kite)

Kitesurfing in Bulgaria

Windsurfing is probably the most common water sport that tourists practice – so it is no surprise that surfing schools and rentable equipment can be found anywhere (on every beach). Still, the best locations to practice windsurfing are near Burgas and Nessebar.

Water skiing – it is another wide-spread action sport that can be practiced both in still waters and the sea. Resorts such as Sunny Beach and Golden Sands offer that type of water sport.
Underwater diving provides you with the unique opportunity to explore the marine species in the Black Sea. But it has one more stunning purpose. Divers can come across some of the numerous ancient ruins and remains that can be found underwater anywhere near the Bulgarian seaside.

As for kayaking and rafting – there are limitless options to practice them both on a river and the sea. Some of the common spots to practice this sport are near Sunny Beach, Sozopol, Primorsko, etc.


2. The Salt Museum in Pomorie

Holiday in Bryastovets - Salt Museum

Bulgaria is rich in astonishing possibilities to spend your spare time. Another unique place you must visit is the Salt Museum in Pomorie. We guarantee that there is no place like this anywhere else in Eastern Europe.

Holiday in Bryastovets - Salt Museum

The museum explains thoroughly the ancient Bulgarian technique of obtaining salt from seawater using only the evaporating powers of the sunlight. The 20 acres of salt-pans that are adjacent to the museum are also open to visitors.
For the adventurers – there is a chance to dive into the really salty waters of the salt works.

3. Ethnographic complex “ Zlatnata Buchva” (“The Golden Barrel”)

Bulgarian fire dance

If you are already in Bryastovets, it is highly likely that you are staying in a rental private villa with a swimming pool so you already have all of the sunbathing and relax at your disposal. But a good holiday should broaden your horizons as well.

A chance to learn more about Bulgarian culture is within your reach. Just 7.5 km away from Bryastovets is Bata village. Ethnographic complex The Golden Barrel, situated there, has an abundance of traditional Bulgarian crafts and traditions that are open for tourists to explore and experience. Within the complex, you can witness the performance of different typically Bulgarian crafts such as pottery, fretwork, weaving and more.

The complex offers a variety of activities you can indulge yourself in. For those of you who would love to experience traditional Bulgarian cuisine – there is a restaurant. And for those of you who are keen on new and completely unusual experiences – the nestinari dance tradition (people dancing bare feet on top of smoldering embers – “Bulgarian fire dance”) will really blow your mind.

4. The Thracian tomb Kuhata Mogila (Hollow Mound)

Kuhata in Pomorie

Bulgarians take such immense pride in their history and it is only natural since some of the oldest gold treasures in the world have been found right here in Bulgaria. If you find yourself wondering what an actual Thracian tomb looked like back in time, then I suggest you visit the Thracian Tomb Hollow Mound.
The Hollow Mound is the largest tomb to have ever been found in Bulgaria. It has also been declared a cultural monument with national importance. It dates back to the second or third century.
The first thing that a visitor will notice is the spectacular combination of both Thracian and Roman building styles. It is said that the tomb once belonged to a wealthy family and served the purpose of a mausoleum. But before it became such, it was most probably a common site for Thracian pagan rituals such as Sun worshipping, burial rituals and much more.
What really makes this place stand out from all of the other tombs in Bulgaria is an impressive size. With a height of 8 meters and a diameter of 60m, the tomb is the largest one in the country.

5. Aqua parks in Sunny Beach

Best aquapark in Sunny Beach

A tourist-favorite attraction in the region is the water park Aqua Paradise located near Nessebar. To those of you staying in the private rental villas in Bryastovets, this is just about 18 km’s away.
This aqua park is undoubtedly the largest and most spectacular in Bulgaria. Within the park, you can choose from over 40 different attractions that offer adrenalin rush or ultimate relaxation. It all depends on your preferences.
One thing is made clear, however, no matter what your choice of attractions will be, you are going to spend your time in a safe and secure environment. One of the things the water park takes great pride in is the high level of security and reliability of the numerous attractions they have set for you.

6. Roman City Deultum and Aquae Calidae

Roman city Deultum near Burgas

Even if you are not a huge fan of history, you are highly likely going to find the ruins of the Roman city Deultum intriguing. This unique place is situated near the village of Debelt. What is truly remarkable is that the ancient city Deultum was the only free roman settlement in the territory of Bulgaria.
On that very same location were found numerous treasure, statues, ceramic items and much more. All of the findings are exhibited in the Historical Museum in Burgas.
The site’s staff also has the potential to offer a lecture, informational materials, and even souvenirs.

Aqua Kalide Burgas

Another extraordinary site is Aqua Calide. Bulgaria has always been famous for its abundance of mineral springs that date back in time to the 1st millennium BC.
Around one of the numerous springs is built the Aqua Calide. The tourist site consists of two major parts. The first one is the ruins and remains of the Roman baths. They are open to tourist and offer a great insight into what Roman architecture looked like.
The second part is the Turkish bath (Hammam) which was built on the exact same location by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century. The Hammam has been renovated and supplies visitors with the authentic experience of visiting a Turkish bath.
Both parts of the site are extremely interesting since they give the visitor an insight into two very different historical periods. If you get the chance to visit the place do not forget to ask the staff for a lecture on the site.

7. Horseback riding

Horseback riding Burgas

Another great opportunity to spend quality time while on your vacation in Bulgaria are the horseback riding schools near Burgas. There are a few of them and they all offer the great chance to get in touch with nature and enjoy a relaxing ride with a trained professional who will guide you all the way on your ride.
Some of the riding centers, that are situated in the outskirts of Burgas, even offer a ride in the wild, in the meadows around the city. This is a unique opportunity since most riding schools offer their services only in a specially designed riding ring. In this case, you can enjoy the beauty of Bulgarian nature and even come across some wildlife species while having a relaxing ride on the back of a horse.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

8. Fishing in Bulgarian Black Sea and Poroi dam lake

Arnaut dere Bryastovets

If you’ve come to Bryastovets to enjoy the serenity and peace of staying in a private villa for rent, then you are most probably going to enjoy fishing on one of the local dam lakes – Poroi (13 km) or for saltwater fishing in Bulgarian Black sea.

Everything you need to know about saltwater fishing in Bulgaria you will find HERE

Aranaut dere lake is widely known for the trophy carp fishing. If you are looking for a way to spend some quality time in the mesmerizing Bulgarian nature than do not hesitate and prepare your fishing rods. In all honesty, chances to take back home the fish you’ve caught are really small, in fact, it is impossible, since the lake is meant for sports fishing. But the thrill and the excitement of anxious expectation to catch something are really worth it.

Arnaut dere Bryastovets

Poroi lake, on the other hand, has no restrictions as to taking the fish you’ve caught back with you. But it all honesty that is the least eco-friendly option. Still, the decision is all up to you. Both of the locations are situated in picturesque scenic areas and you are guaranteed to make the most out of your fishing experience.

9. Boat trips in Sunny Beach, Pomorie and Nessebar

Boat trip from Nessebar

If you are a sucker for seacoast sceneries and stunning landscapes, you should probably experience one of the different boat trips that start from Pomorie and Nessebar. Sailing down, around the coastal towns, the picturesque beaches, and breathtaking sceneries will really give a whole new perspective to the beauty of Bulgarian nature.

Boat trip from Pomorie

The different point of view will provide you with a greater, more complex perception of the real outstanding nature of the coast. It is true that experiencing all this beauty is possible on the land as well, but imagine all the different angles through which you will observe the surpassing Bulgarian nature.

10. Diving near Sozopol

Scuba diving in Sozopol

Scuba diving is an amazing adventure by itself. You get to explore the beautiful marine wildlife, the bottom of the sea and all the little gulfs and their residents. The experience is already good enough. But imagine coming across some ages-old Roman ruins that have been hidden away underwater for centuries. Then you stumble upon them and it turns out that they are not only well preserved by the salty seawater but they have also kept all of that ancient atmosphere attached to them.
In Bulgaria, you can experience that thrill near Sozopol. There you can find different diving schools but all of them will deliver that outstanding encounter.
Sozopol is just the perfect location to pursue that activity since the city has a rich history that dates back to Greek and Roman times. Archeologists have proven that there are traces of life and trade that took place there even earlier. So the chances of you coming across some ancient culture while scuba diving is intensely high.

11. Shopping in Burgas

Mall Galleria in Burgas

What woman love to do the most? Well, that must be shopping. And in case you are spending your vacation in a Bulgarian rental villa with your wife then one of the best ways to spend quality time together will be shopping.
Luckily Burgas has numerous opportunities in stock for you. Mall Galeria and Mall Plaza offer a wide range of world-famous brands and shops that really grab the customer’s attention. You can indulge yourself in different activities there – shopping, movies, buying a good book, etc.

Mall Plaza in Burgas

But shopping malls all over the world are all the same. They offer approximately the same products and experiences. So we suggest going to the city center. There is a wide variety of shops to choose from but some of them offer local products, that cannot be found anywhere else. Downtown you can also come across some really great bargains on both clothing and accessories. Prices in the city center are overall much lower and the quality of the products is a tad higher than the one in the malls.

It does not matter what you chose, the mall or the local shops, in Burgas you are guaranteed to find what you are searching for no matter where you decide to go shopping.

No matter what sorts of activities you’ve picked for your vacation in a holiday rental villa, one thing remains without a strain of doubt: Bulgaria offers you an extremely wide range of opportunities. All you need to do is just reach out and enjoy them to the fullest!

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