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12 January 2019

Best Cheap Restaurants in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Eating out in Sunny Beach – our selection

The Sunny Beach prices of meals in restaurants vary from very cheap to some very expensive.
There is something for everyone and every budget. While cheap meal doesn’t mean a bad restaurant so isn’t an expensive meal a good one. On this page we have collected a small selection of restaurants in Sunny Beach, we recommend giving a try to the first two restaurants on the list and we guarantee you will not want to go somewhere else for a meal in Sunny Beach:

Where to eat cheaply in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria?

1. "Djanny" – Restaurant-Garden

“DJANNY” is one of the cheapest restaurants in the Sunny Beach resort, loved by Bulgarians and by Tourists for their fast service, incredibly cheap prices and fresh food. This place is known as it offers the best of the Bulgarian cuisine, big salads (‘Shopska Salad’ is the most popular Bulgarian salad), grill and local food. Open 24h /day .
Offers salads and sometimes soups, 50 sorts of warm appetizers from meat and fish, specialties from the oriental cuisine, meals on a clay slab, Serbian hot grill, pizzas
. Don’t be put off by having to queue to get in, the short wait is well worth it! Just make sure you don’t eat lunch before you go in the evening

Directions: For "Djanni"-follow the street of Cuban hotel in direction opposite to the beach untill you pass the market and there you are on your left is" Djanni"

Djanny Sunny Beach



2. Bistro-Garden "Condor", Sunny Beach

Condor is the other cheap restaurant in Suny Beach. You will find local cousine and nice prices with beautiful atmosphere. As having on of the best prices in Sunny Beach expect to have to queue to get in, especially around 8-9h in the evening. Before this and after that time someone will easily find a table – there are plenty of tables in the reastaurant (garden). A must try in Sunny Beach.

Average Menu set price: between 10 and 20 Lv. including starter,main meal & desert
Number of seats: 250
Directions: On the main road to Nessebar , some 100m from the central Cuban (hotel) alley. At the righto, netxt the central post office

Bistro Condor Sunny Beach

3. "Khan’s Tent"

Hanska Shatra (Khan’s Tent) which sits atop a hill several kilometers north of Sunny Beach. Set in a secluded wooded setting with beautiful views of the coast below, the spot is supposedly the one where Khan Krum had a military encampment in 812. The large, rounded structure has twenty curved concrete columns inside which connect at the apex, resembling a huge tent such as was used by the Proto-Bulgarians. The interior is decorated with mosaics, one of which depicts the Khan feasting. Waiters wear period costumes. Live folk music starts nightly at seven, followed by an hour-long elaborate floor show. Predictably, the place is touristy – and expensive – but, it’s vacation time !!!

Khan's Tent Sunny Beach

4. Amorato Restaurant

The famous Amorato‘s culinary renown extends far beyond Bulgaria’s borders. The head chef, Boris Petrov, who has been recognized for his raw passion for food, lures his customers with a delightful offering of fresh seafood delicacies, including lobsters, oysters and octopus, and rare meats such as Japanese Kobe and black Angus beef. Teamed with a fantastic selection of limited edition wines, this place will delight those who are willing to spend a bit more for an extra-special evening.

Address: Amorato, Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, +359 898 886 663

Amorato Sunny Beach

5. Bistro "Billy"

Bistro Billys is just a short walk from the Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort. Billy and his staff are very friendly and make you very welcome. They are open 24 hours and nothing is a problem for them.
There is plenty of food on offer for everyone’s taste buds like soups, pizzas, chicken, meats from the spit, lovely Shopska salads and cakes and much much more all at good prices.
Sit at a roadside table and listen to the music, enjoy your food and drink and watch the world go by.
The shopska salad is a must, it is delicious and also the tomato soup is lovely. Address: SUNNY BEACH, Hotel ALBA , Main cuisine:STEAKHOUSE
Number of seats; 220
Average Menu set price: between 10 and 20 Lv. including starter,main meal & desert
Every day: -roasted lamb, -roasted pork, -roasted chicken, -stone backed pizza, -T-bone & Beef steak

Billy's BBQ Sunny Beach

6. "Maestro" restaurant

Address: SUNNY BEACH, Sunny Beach, on the Promenade, next to GLOBUS Hotel and Disco Club ICEBERG
Average Menu set price: between 10 and 20 Lv., including starter,main meal & desert
Number of seats: 120

Restaurant Maestro Sunny Beach


7. “Chilli Peppers” – Wild West BBQ and BAR

Address: SUNNY BEACH, Sunny Beach, Flower Street, at ALBA Hotel, next to Mexican Restaurant MAMACITAS
Main cuisine: STEAKHOUSE
Average Menu set price: between 10 and 20 Lv. including starter,main meal & desert
Number of seats: 130

Restaurant Chilli Peppers Sunny Beach

8. Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant

If you’re looking for a place with a particularly lively atmosphere, Mamacita’s won’t disappoint: the waiters wear sombreros as they serve you the classics of Mexican cuisine (nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, fajitas, chilli con carne), often to the tune of live Spanish guitar in the evening. If you love the entertainment but prefer something less spicy to eat, then you can always opt for some barbecued meats, or drop in for brunch in the morning. Whatever you choose, you won’t go amiss with Mamacita’s.

Address: Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant, Flower Street, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, +359 879 502 003


9. "Las Palmas" Restaurant

Food is great in there! What makes it so special is that you don’t have to be scared of what you are going to get on your plate. Meals are in a quite routine restaurant food but still good.
And about 9 o’clock in the evening turns the place into a bar (you can still have your meal and then just stay in the bar). For some reasons there’s lot of swedish in the bar always..

You can have a cheeseburger meal on lunch time. It tastes really good after spending many hours under the hot sun on the beach.
Directions: Near the hotel Fenix.

Las Palmas Sunny beach

10. Musoni Fish & Wine

Musoni combines a trendy interior with a predominantly Mediterranean menu, including a range of salads, meat and seafood dishes and home-baked breads, as well as traditional Italian food. Add to that a selection of traditional Bulgarian dry-cured meats (or ‘lukanka’, as they are known), a sushi bar, and an impressive wine list, and you have yourself a wonderful evening out, all the while accompanied by live soft jazz and soul music on the piano.

Address: Musoni Fish & Wine, Galeon Apart Hotel, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, +359 897 073 888

Musoni Sunny Beach

11. Gloria Mar

ten-minute drive from the center of Sunny Beach along the coast will take you to the quaint resort of Sveti Vlas, where this celebrated seafood restaurant can be found located just a few steps from the marina. Patrons can admire the gleaming yachts as they sit on the al fresco terrace, while the chefs pride themselves on the use of fresh ingredients to compile a rich and seasonal menu. The fish and meats are prepared specially on a Josper grill (a highly specialized piece of equipment), with rare delicacies from further afield also featuring among them, such as Sicilian octopus and Argentine veal.

Address: Gloria Mar, Marina Dinevi, Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria, +359 895 555 111

Gloria Mar St Vlas

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