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13 June 2019

Beaches in Sunny Beach

Staying in a holiday villa for rent in Bulgaria is one of the best holiday opportunities since you get all the peace and quiet you need. The privacy and relaxation are truly one of a kind. But no summer vacation is complete without a day on the beach.

Sunny Beach offers around 10 kilometers of sandy, pristine beaches !!!


Beach in Sunny beach


Sunny Beach is just the thing you need if you are looking for a relaxing, fun day on the beach. The resort has to offer around 10 kilometers of sandy, pristine beaches that in some locations are over 100 meters wide. And the water is so sparkling and clean. It is a real joy to go for a swim and refresh yourself from the summer heat. The temperature of the water is an average of 25-27 degrees while the air is usually around 30-35 in the peaks of the season.

Here you can read an article about the weather in Sunny Beach



The resort has two main beaches – the Central and the South Beach. Both are really shallow beaches and the waters are perfect for swimming and for safe water activities with your children. What they also have in common is the sparking, fine golden sand that makes long walks down the beach a truly amazing event. However, there are some differences between the two beaches in the resort.


The Central Beach – Sunny Beach


Central Beach, Sunny beach


The Central Beach is really large. It stretches over a length of 5 kilometers and a width of about 100 meters in some places. This makes the Central beach the biggest in the resort. There is nothing that you can possibly lack on that beach. There are numerous restaurants, shops, cafeterias, and even a casino. There are many hotels and rental apartment within walking distance. All over the beach, you can find designated areas packed with umbrellas and loungers so you don’t need to bring your own. There is usually a price for using the commodities on the beach but they are normally affordable.

There are many different activities you can indulge yourself in, while on the central beach. Having a snack in some of the local restaurants is just the first of a long list of things. There are many watersports you can try. Some of the most popular ones are jet skiing and windsurfing. If you are looking for a relaxing day you can find the peace you need in some of the cozy beach bars that are scattered all over the length of the beach. You can purchase all sorts of beach suited toys and fun accessories from different street vendors that lurk down the beach or visit the famous fish spa.


Fish spa Sunny beach


Another outstanding opportunity is renting a boat trip from the Central Beach of Sunny Beach to the old town of Nessebar and back. For those of you who are eager to indulge in sports – the Central Beach is equipped with many beach volleyball fields where you can get all the exercise you need.

On the Central beach, you can find changing rooms, toilettes, and showers that are opened for the public and are absolutely free of charge. There are always lifeguards on duty so you are guaranteed to have a safe day on the beach and in the pristine waters of the Black Sea. Another great asset is that there are convenient parking spots that will grant you easy access to the beach.


Night club Sunny beach


The Central Beach is also fun during the night. There is an amusement park as well as many parties that are held in the beach bars. So life there never stops.


The South Beach – Sunny Beach


South beach, Sunny beach


The South Beach is a lot smaller than the Central one. It is just around 1.5 kilometers long. Despite being smaller, the beach offers something the larger ones don’t. And it is a larger free zone. While the Central beach has a few very small “free zones” where you can just bring your own umbrella and beach towel and enjoy the sunshine without the need to pay extra fees, the south beach has a lot larger area for those of you who feel like the fine golden sands and sun should come for free.

Overall the South beach is considered to be a lot more family-friendly since it is smaller and way more peaceful. There are fewer crowds and it is generally a safer area. Once again the beaches are covered with the fine and sparkling sand and the waters are clean and shallow. What really makes the difference is the space and freedom the beach offers. Of course, there are many umbrellas and sunbeds open to the public. You can use those for a small renting fee that is quite low. What you can use for free are the toilettes, showers and changing rooms scattered around the beach. They are really conveniently situated so there will always be one near you.

The South Beach is protected by lifeguards who are on duty from 8 am to 6 pm. Outside of that time gap, you are entering the waters on your own responsibility.

On this Beach, you can also find some excellent beach bars, restaurants, and cafeterias. There are also several small shops nearby so you will have everything you need within your reach. The parking lots of the beach are also nearby so it should be no problem to reach the beach.


Windsurf, Sunny beach


The Southern Beach of the resort is home to numerous watersport opportunities. There are different providers that offer windsurfing lessons for children, young adults, and adults. There are jet skiing options as well as kayaking, scuba diving, and the popular Bulgarian attraction “the banana”.


The coastline of Sunny beach merges with the beach line of one the major resorts – Nessebar

It is in extremely close proximity to the beaches of the resort Saint Vlas. The entire length of the Sunny Beach coastline is around 10 kilometers all covered in golden, glittering sands.


No matter which of the two main beaches of the resort you choose, you are guaranteed to have a great time by the beach. So do not hesitate any further and head to the outstanding beaches of Sunny Beach.




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