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8 January 2020

Bus timetable Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach Bus tickets

Two of the most loved holiday resorts in Bulgaria with many activities for tourists are Nessebar and Sunny beach. That is the reason we decided to come up with a separate article about the schedules of buses that pass through these cities.


Sunny Beach and Nessebar bus timetables and schedules

Sunny Beach, Nessebar bus

It is important to remember that the bus schedules do not differ much. The only existing distinction is the 15-20-minute difference of arrival and departure of buses. It is quite easy to figure out the schedules of different buses that stroll around the resorts. There are designated signs that indicate the number of the line a bus is serving and the time of arrival at certain stops. On the windshield of the bus, you will also find the information about the line and number so you would not get confused. It should be no trouble finding just the right bus and heading on an adventure to the nearest resorts. If you have some doubts about the route or schedule of a given bus do not hesitate and ask the locals for help.



In this article, we are going to cover some of the most popular bus lines in Sunny Beach and Nessebar and the prices of bus tickets on these lines as well as why the destinations on the route are worth your attention. Do not forget to bring Bulgarian currency with you, since the staff on most buses they accept only the Bulgarian lev.


Bus stops in Sunny Beach and Nessebar

Central bus station sunny beach

The first and most important piece of information is the location of the bus stops and the stations in Sunny Beach and Nessebar resorts. Since there is not a clear indication as to where the bus stops are we recommend checking on the internet for the approximate location. Once you approach these locations you will find the signs listing the different bus lines and the exact schedule. The bus stations in both resorts are quite easy to find. There you can find lines that connect you to Burgas or Varna as well as the other smaller but picturesque Bulgarian resorts.

Another important thing to remember is that the Nessebar and Sunny beach are actually as one city and have bus regular public lines between them. But chances are the buses might not stop on all of the bus stops in the old town of Nessebar. If you encounter such an experience you have two main options.

1. To head down to the entrance of the Old town and catch a tourist bus-train from Nessebar to the center of Sunny beach (the ticket costs approximately 3 – 4 leva)

Sunny beach tourist bus-train


2. Waiting for another bus on the stop right in front of the Old Town, because it is 100% certain that buses will stop there.


Regular bus lines from Nessebar and Sunny Beach to near resorts

Buses that pass through Nessebar and Sunny beach usually connect them with resorts such as Pomorie, Aheloy, Ravda and Burgas on the south and St. Vlas, Elenite, Varna, Balchik on the north. Normally the tickets for your ride are purchased on the bus and the prices vary depending on the desired destination. On average a ticket to Ravda and Aheloy costs about 2.00 Bulgarian leva and to Burgas about 4 BGN. While the one to Pomorie costs an average of 3.00 BGN.

The short distances between resorts and the cheap bus tickets supply the tourists with the outstanding opportunity to visit some of the most magnificent places on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast effortlessly.

Photo of Bus timetable signs in Sunny Beach and Nessebar

Sunny beach and Nessebar bus timetable signs


Reccommended bus trips from Nessebar and Sunny Beach

One of the most interesting and intriguing destinations you can reach from Nessebar and Sunny Beach is definitely Balchik. The ride there usually consists of two separate bus trips. One to Varna (the price for a ticket to Varna usually comes to around 12 BGN), and another one from Varna to Balchik (the cost of the second ticket being around 5 BGN). With the price of two tickets, the total of the trip comes to about 17 Bulgarian leva in one direction. In Balchik, you can visit the famous, and breathtaking Botanical Garden and the Palace. Both places carry an outstanding mix between Bulgarian and Romanian architecture and the Botanical garden is one of the most beautiful worldwide.

Varna is the biggest city on the Bulgarian seaside and will definitely have a lot to offer to tourists. Beautiful sites, shopping centers, and cultural and historical sites. For just 12 leva you can reach the city knows as the seaside capital of Bulgaria and experience all of the numerous opportunities it has to offer.

Another interesting destination that would cost you just two Bulgarian leva is Aheloy. Most people would say that there is nothing of particular interest in the small town. But that is not exactly the case. If you are keen on fishing – the river Aheloy is a great place to try your luck and throw different lures for pike, perch, and carp. But what really draws tourists to this place is the mud with healing properties that are to be found just between the two resorts Aheloy and Pomorie.

Ravda is the resort situated right between Nessebar and Aheloy. You may decide to take a walk since the distance between Ravda and Nessebar is quite short. In fact, the two cities have almost merged. If you still decide to make the trip by bus – the price of the ticket would be about 2 BG. People would argue that there is not much to be seen or done in Ravda. But the resort has an outstanding charm of its own. There you can find some really good restaurants and diners. There is also a small amusement park and an aqua park.

A must see town near Nessebar and Sunny Beach is Burgas. The biggest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea South Coast. Almost the whole city is brand new renovated, with picturesque streets, gorgeous sea garden, shopping malls, beautifulf beaches and great restaurants.

Bus from Sunny Beach to Burgas timetable

Buses from Sunny Beach and Nessebar follow a strict schedule and are a reliable source of transportation. At the very ends of the season since the buses are reduced and don’t travel as often, but even then they remain a convenient way to travel around fast and secure.




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