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27 November 2019

Bus timetable Burgas

Burgas is one of the major cities on the Bulgarian seaside and chances are quite high that you would be passing through it at some point in your Bulgarian holiday.

Public transport in Burgas

No matter if you are staying in a hotel, holiday villa with swimming pool in Bulgaria or a simple holiday apartment in Bulgaria for rent, you will most probably find your way to Burgas bus station during your holiday in Bulgaria. That is why we believe it is of great importance for you to know your way around the city. The next article would help you with further information about Burgas’ public transport.


Photo of Burgas main bus station

Burgas bus station South


We highly recommend giving the public transport in Burgas a chance since it is well-developed and really easy and convenient to use. There are information tables and explanations as well as routes that different lines serve, so it is really easy to find your way around town. Not to mention the low cost of tickets compared to any other means of transportation. The quality of service is also outstanding. Buses serving the lines are brand new; they come with free Wi-Fi and USB charging docks inside. So whenever you set foot in Burgas, consider public transportation as another simple and great opportunity.

One of the main reasons we are convinced that you will explore Burgas is its key location. One of the biggest and busiest airports in the country is located precisely there.

First and foremost, you need to know about bus number 15. It is probably the first bus you might take in Burgas. It connects the airport and the central Bus station. The bus stop is right at the main entrance of the airport. A new bus arrives every 15 minutes. Usually, the ride downtown takes about 30 to 40 minutes and the cost of a ticket is 1.5 Bulgarian leva. This is several times cheaper than any taxi or rents a car so you might really consider bus number 15 as an option to reach your destination in the city.

Photo of Bus station at Burgas airport

Burgas airport bus station


You can see the Bus N15 schedule HERE


Most tourists that decide to visit the beautiful Bulgarian seaside actually chose to land at Burgas airport. If you are one of the many tourists that would choose Burgas as their arriving location, we have a starting tip for you. Make sure you preorder a taxi that would wait for you and pick you up once you arrive. Calling a taxi on the go is quite expensive and such experience might set your holiday in a bad tone. So it is better to be safe than sorry. Many companies offer such services and would provide you with a flawless arrival experience. Another option is to rent a car; you can read more about it in our blog.


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You might need to know about all the possible buses that can take you to the resort you have chosen. It is a common practice to get a taxi to the central bus station in Burgas and use some of the public transport to the resorts nearby. The central bus station is located right next to the Burgas railway station (so if you feel adventurous you might as well take a train into the center of the country).


Public transport during your holiday in Burgas

Public transport in Burgas, Bulgaria


Enjoying your holiday in Burgas you might want to visit the near resorts or historical places like Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Sozopol, Primorsko. You can always ask the locals about the location of the bus station and take advantage of the cheap rides to all of them. Make sure you do not make a mistake since there are two bus stations in the city. The main one is named “South” and is basically serving the lines on the seaside and other big cities in Bulgaria like the capital Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. Some buses leave every 30 minutes and cover the line Pomorie – Aheloy – Ravda – Nessebar – Sunny Beach – Obzor. Another crucial bus line covers the resorts Chernomorets – Sozopol –Primorsko. Both lines are regular in the peak of summer, with busses departing every 30 minutes. It is usually the best idea to catch the bus at the station since some of them don’t stop at every bus stop along the way. And if you end up waiting on some of the stops you might actually get confused and hop on some of the buses that serve the inner city. In case you are having doubts, if you are on the right spot, you can also check the maps of the city, scattered all around the tourist areas. You can easily find your location and the best way to reach the station.

Photo of Burgas bus station “South”

Bugras bus station South


HERE you will find interactive map of Burgas city public transport. Just need to set poin A and point B and the map will show you all the routes and different buses betwen these two points.


It is quite easy to figure out the schedules of different buses that stroll around the resorts. There are designated signs that indicate the number of the line a bus is serving and the time of arrival at certain stops. On the windshield of the bus, you will also find the information about the line and number so you would not get confused. It should be no trouble finding just the right bus and heading on an adventure to the nearest resorts. If you have some doubts about the route or schedule of a given bus do not hesitate and ask the locals for help.


Photo of Burgas bus station “West”

Burgas bus station West


The other bus station named “West”, is the one you can use if you want to visit some cities in the countryside. Some of the more impressive suggestions are definitely Veliko Tarnovo, Kazanlak, Ruse. These cities are a definite must-see in Bulgaria since they all carry the culture and traditions of the region. They intertwine different periods in Bulgarian history

Overall there is a lot to be seen and done both on the seaside and in the core of the country and taking a bus to every destination in Bulgaria is the cheapest and most convenient way to experience the beauty of Bulgaria to the maximum during your Bulgarian holiday.

Taking the bus saves you the burden of searching for a parking spot, and as you will soon find out, they are quite rare, especially in the peak of the season. Using public transportation is the easiest way for your next adventure in Bulgaria, head to the Burgas bus station and chose your next route.



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