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6 November 2018

Nessebar, Bulgaria

Nessebar City Guide

The town of Nessebar is a Sea resort and is situated 36 km northeast of Bourgas.
Nessebar is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria and Europe. It was founded 3200 years ago by Thracian settlers and was called Melsambria and later on – Mesembria. In our days, the town of Nessebar is divided into two parts – the Old town and the New town.
The Old town in Nessebar is declared a historical and architectural reservation and is a part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Places to visit in Nessebar

The Town of Nessebar

Spectacular natural sceneries, reserves and geological formations in Nessebar


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Old Town of Nessebar

The Old Town of Nessebar is situated on a peninsula which is connected to the new town by a narrow isthmus. The old wooden wind-mill on the isthmus is the symbol of Nessebar.

The old wind-mill

Nessebar peninsula

On the territory of the Old town there were around 44 churches, built between 5th and 19th century. Nowadays, some of them are transformed into museums, others are restored and even operating, but the biggest part of them is only ruins. There are also remains of fortification walls which have surrounded the town ever since it was founded and remains of thermal baths dating from the Byzantine period.

The Old Town

The Old Town

The Old Town

The old town of Nessebar is a very romantic place with its narrow cobblestone streets, small squares, old two-storey houses, beautiful gardens and small souvenir shops. There are also a lot of small and not so small restaurants where you can enjoy delicious sea food and national Bulgarian dishes.

The old houses of Nessebar

The old houses of Nessebar

The old houses of Nessebar

The old houses of Nessebar

More about the Old Town of Nessebar

Monasteries, cathedrals and churches in Nessebar

The Church of Christ Pantocrator

The Church of Christ Pantocrator was built around 13th-14th centuries and is one of the best preserved old Christian temples in Bulgaria. The church facade and the exterior walls are decorated with colorful arches, ceramics, floral ornaments and brick friezes. From the inside the temple was decorated with beautiful wall paintings, from which unfortunately there are only small fragments left. Nowadays, the building is used as Art Gallery.




St. Spas  Church

St. Spas Church was built in 1609 from stone and mud. The building is very modest and small with a wooden roof and no bell tower and a dome. The walls inside are almost entirely covered with wall paintings. It is the only temple in Nessebar which was constructed during the Ottoman Rule.




St. Spas  Church

St. Spas  Church



St. Stefan Church (the New Metropolia) dates back to the 11th – 13th centuries.

St.    Stefan Church




St. Sofia Church (the Old Mitropolia) dates back to the 5th – 6th centuries and nowadays are only ruins left.

St.    Sofia Church




St. John the Baptist Church was built in the 11th century. Today the temple is transformed into a small archeological museum.

St. John the Baptist Church




The Basilica “Holy Mother Eleusa” was built in the 6th century and nowadays are only ruins left but the remains are well preserved and partly restored.

The Basilica Holy Mother Eleusa




The St. Demetrius Church was built in the 11th century as a small family temple. Now are only ruins left.

The St.    Demetrius Church




Church St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel was built in the 13th century.

The Church    St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel




The Church of the Holy Mother of God was built in 1873 and is the only temple in the old town which still operates.

The Church    of the Holy Mother of God




Church of St. John Aliturgetos was built in the 14th century.

The Church of St.    John Aliturgetos




The St. Theodor Church was built in the 13th century. Nowadays, there is an art gallery inside.

The St.    Theodor Church




The St. Paraskeva Church – built in the 13th – 14th century.

The St.    Paraskeva Church




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Cultural sights in Nessebar

Archeological Museum

The Archeological Museum was founded in 1956. The chronological development of the town during the different historical periods is shown in four exhibition halls:

  • Mesembria and the Thracians;
  • Mesembria – the Pontic Polis;
  • Mesembria on the territory of Rome, Byzantium and Bulgaria;
  • Iconic Art Hall

The  Archeological Museum

The exhibition

More about the Archeological Museum in Nessebar on

Archeological Museum in Nessebar

The Ethnographic Museum is located in an old house from the National Revival, built in 1840. The Exhibition displays costumes and fabrics from the Bourgas Region.


The Ethnographic  Museum

The exhibition

The exhibition

More about the Ethnographic Museum in Nessebar on


Hobby and fun in Nessebar

Aqua Park Aqua Paradise

Aqua Paradise is the biggest and the most attractive aqua park in Bulgaria. With more than 20 unique attractions the facility is favorite place for children and adults all over the world. The water attractions include great number of different water-slides, Wave, Butterfly and Hops swimming pools, Rafting River, Lazybones, Paradise Island, and Perl of the Orient Island, Children’s castle, Children’s swimming pool and many more. Other attractions are the Climbing wall, the Amphitheatre, the Children’s corner with free baby-sitting service, etc.

Aqua Paradise park

Aqua Paradise park

Aqua Paradise park

More about Aqua Paradise

The Mini train makes panoramic tours around the town of Nessebar. It starts from the entrance of the Old town and travels to Sunny Beach (hotel “Anchor”).

The Mini Train



The Ice skating-rink is a real skating-rink on a territory of 300 m2. The facility operates regardless of the external temperature. The ice surface temperature is always – 10 C°. According to the technical requirements, the ice skating-rink is covered by a transparent pavilion with a nice sea view. There are also two instructors for the beginners and medical help available.

The Ice skating-rink

The Ice skating-rink


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