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5 April 2018

Beach of Burgas

One of the popular places you can visit during your stay in one of our villas is the beach of Burgas. It is not far away from them and there is a regular public transport which you can use several times per day a trips to the city. The beach is on the whole east side of the city and has a total length of approximately 5 km and width of 30 to 40 m. It is conditionally divided into two areas- the North Shore, which has a unique fine black sand, and the Central part, with fine white sand.


Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria

Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria


The North shore started from the Burgas salt lakes where you can visit for free and take a mud baths. Part of its territory is a free zone, and on the other part the visitors can use umbrellas and sun loungers for a fee. The coastal beach is nearly 1700 meters long and can be up to 30 meters wide

For a safe and peaceful beach environment there are security guards, medical persons and water rescuers on every key spot along the shore, and for the convenience of the visitors there are dressing rooms, fountains and showers placed, as well. Guests can find on the seashore many restaurants offering a wide variety of traditional Bulgarian food and seafood specialties or buying cold beer and cocktails from the beach bars. During the summer months visitors can use free internet connection on the territory of the Northern Burgas beach, provided by the local Municipality.

The beach has also a playground for the fun of the youngest visitors. Near the beach there is a parking lot, which is another huge benefit for those of you who are travelling with their own cars.

In the new summer season of 2018 the North Beach of Burgas will offer its guests water entertainment for every taste and pocket: water slides, water wheels, water skiing, jets, windsurfing school, boat trips, parachute flight, wakeboard, fly board (or fly fish) and many other adrenaline sports

The central beach in Burgas is a favorite place for spending the free time or the holiday for both Bulgarians and foreigners. The central beach is bordered by the Sea Station of Bourgas – a beautiful place with amazing scenery, green areas, boats, restaurants and souvenir shops. You can reach it by foot or by electric train, which starts from the beautiful bridge in the sea and travels along the park lanes. If you have a lot of free time you can also buy a ticket for one of the boats that travel to the island of St. Anastasia, giving yourselves a wonderful sea experience.

The beach is very beautiful and great for bathing and tanning under the sun. It has a length of over 2 km and stretches along the Sea Garden and at a width of 30 m. Tourists notice that the sand is black in some places, due to the excessive amount of iron in it. In general, the beach is kept clean and handled with special equipment to allow locals and visitors to fully enjoy their stay and the quality of the beach.A number of pubs and trays are built on the beach, which welcome their guests with pleasant music and delicious dishes. If you choose to have a lunch or dinner there, you will for sure be served nice beverages and food and lots of good mood along. Traditionally, Bulgarians like to order sprat and cold beer and spend time in sweet tales with their friends.

If you by chance get tired of the beach, then you can always walk around the nearby park, where you can be among cool fresh air, lots of greenery and tranquility. There are special children’s areas and various entertainments for the kids who will surely have fun there. The Sea Garden is a must-see place to visit in Burgas because it is one of the symbols of the city. With its stunning views of the sea, its pretty little restaurants and cafes, it offers variety at the end of the day, after the shallow sun on the beach and the fatigue of the sea waves.

Another attractive offer to consider when visiting Burgas is the Sand Figures Festival, which each year has different themes – “African animals”, “Bulgarian traditions”, “magic world”, “fairy tales”, “cinema ” and others. The very process of preparation begins much earlier than the traditional opening in early July. The terrain is being prepared, the sand is sifted and the tireless work of the sculptors – artists who breathe life into their creations begins. Every subsequent edition of the festival manages to embody so much emotion and spirit with its whole new vision and proves that with the years its popularity is growing. In its first edition, 20,000 visitors have touched the magic of sand art, with their number growing every year, reaching up to 100,000 per season in the past couple of years. If you are a horse sport enthusiast, you can visit the nearby horse base and ride at will, and the kids can walk on the ponies there.

The beach also features volleyball, football and beach tennis courts, where more energetic visitors can practice under the sun and diversify their stay in a healthy and fun way.

Throughout whole (may – October) summer, sea water in Burgas is pleasing for bathing. It is moderately salty and clean and bathing in the sea is real pleasure. Entertainment is guaranteed and you will certainly not be alone in the water – the city does not sleep and many enthusiasts will rely on the coolness of the water.

If you are still wondering where to spend many hours from your vacation, this is the right place for you! Visit the beach of Burgas and you will certainly love it! We will be glad to assist you on getting the right transportation to the beach or do anything else to ensure your satisfying trip.


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