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18 November 2018

Top Bulgarian sandy beaches


The Bulgarian Black sea coast is 378 km long and consists of a great number of beaches – they vary from small, secluded beaches (some of them even narrow and rocky) to wide and crowded beaches with fine golden sands. Here we give a list with the major and best-known beaches on the southern Black sea coast -this is the peace of the coastline from Sveti Vlas in the north to Sinemorets in the south. The total distance between Sveti Vlas and Sinemorets is about 130 km, and here are the beaches we would recommend.

Map of the Beaches on the Black Sea Coast

View Beaches in Bulgaria in a larger map



Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria

Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria


Sveti Vlas

The town “Sveti Vlas” is a very popular and rapidly developing sea resort near Nessebar. The small town is lying directly on the Black sea coast, between the foothills of the mountain “Stara Planina”. It offers a unique combination of mountain freshness and Mediterranean climate. The beach is south-orientated and grants plenty of sunshine all day long. It has fine golden sands, clear blue water, and safe sea bottom. The beach has free access to all guests and provides lifeguards, beach accessories (paid) and attractions (paid) such as sun parasols and loungers, banana ride, water jets, windsurf, paragliding, water wheel and many more. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants along the beach and a couple of medical centers.

Photo of St. Vlas, Bulgaria

Beach of St. Vlas, Bulgaria


About Sveti Vlas



Sunny Beach

The beaches of “Sunny Beach”complex are not a place for relaxation and rest.On the contrary, it is the ideal place for the nightlife lovers and entertainment seekers. Here the black sea beaches are wide, crowded and noisy, with fine golden sand and clear water without algae, underwater rocks and reefs. The biggest part of the beach area has paid sun parasols and lounges. There are also free zones, but they are not large and insufficient. Available are various attractions like water jets, water-ski, windsurf, banana ride, water wheel, skydiving, paragliding, etc. Also plenty of beach cafes, restaurants, bars, discos are welcoming the tourists.

Photos of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Beach of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Beach of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


More information about Sunny Beach click: HERE!




The beaches of Nessebar are 4 km long and are stretching to the north and south of the town. They have clear and shiny golden sand (the finest on the Black sea coast), calm crystal water and flat sandy sea bottom. Various leisure attractions like yacht and boat trips, fishing, skydiving, water sports, windsurf, water ski and water wheel, banana ride. The beaches are cleaned daily; there are lifeguards for your safety and great variety of cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs for carefree and pleasant vacation.

Photo of Nessebar beach

Beach of Nessebar, Bulgaria


Nessebar city guide: HERE!




Ravda is small village between Nessebar and Aheloy. It offers three beaches: Central, South and Aurelia beach. Generally, the beaches are narrow and rocky and very crowded. In some areas, there are also rocks on the sea bottom. On the other hand, the village is very picturesque and tranquil, away from the noises and the crowds of the big resorts, offering plenty of restaurants and taverns, serving various international cuisine and fish specialties, pubs and beer bars. On the beaches there are a lot of fast-food kiosk and caravans with soft drinks, beer and grill.

Photo of Ravda beach

Beach of Ravda, Bulgaria





The beaches of Pomorie have unique fine and soft black sand that is rich in iron and has healing qualities. The wide beach line is around 7 km long and stretches along the Pomorie Bay. The shallow and flat sea bottom without underwater rocks, reefs and cold streams is safe for swimming and bathing. The curative qualities of the mud, extracted from the Pomorie Lake are world-known. The resort offers a full range of leisure and sports activities, amongst which the yachting and sailing are the most preferable. Pomorie is a wonderful place for family tourism because of its good infrastructure, the beautiful and safe beaches and the variety of cafes, restaurants, taverns, bars and pubs.

Photo of Pomorie beach

Beach of Pomorie, Bulgaria


Pomorie city guide: HERE!




Sarafovo was founded as a separate village, but nowadays it is transformed into a quarter of Bourgas. The place is picturesque and quiet and has 4 km long beaches. The village is located on the coast and offers a superb view of the entire Gulf of Bourgas. The beach line is wide and covered with soft and shiny fine sand, which contains iron, magnesium, and manganese. Because of its location in the Gulf of Bourgas, the sea water is calm and very warm; the sea bottom is clean of rocks, flat and shallow – very suitable for small children and inexperienced swimmers. For your safety and pleasant experience, the beaches of Sarafovo are equipped with sun parasols and lounges (paid), lifeguard posts and a lot of beach cafes and small restaurants. Available are the full range of leisure attractions as water wheels, banana ride, water jets, water ski, windsurf and paragliding.

Photo of Sarafovo beach

Beach of Sarafovo, Bulgaria



The beaches of Bourgas

Bourgas is the biggest city on the Southern Black Sea coast. It offers several beaches with different characteristics. The Bourgas Salt-pans beach lies north to the city. Generally, this beach is not maintained – no cleaning service and lifeguards. The water is deep and cold and sometimes full of jelly-fishes. It has black sands because of the salty lye. It is not suitable for swimming and bathing. The reason why people go there is actually the salty lye and mud which have proven curative qualities. A very common sight here is people of all ages walking around, smeared from head to toe with black mud and this way trying to find a cure for various rheumatic and skin problems.

The Central Beach

The Central beach in Bourgas lies along the entire Sea Garden. It is about 2 km long. There are areas with black sand, rich in iron, which can get very hot in the sun. Generally, the sand is fine and soft, cleaned twice a day. The beach line is wide and equipped with lifeguard posts, sun parasols and lounges (paid), showers and changing cabins. There are also free of parasols and lounges areas along the whole beach line, where you can use your own equipment without paying. The water is clean in the beginning of the summer, but after that there are periods when the water gets muddy and full of algae. The sea bottom is flat and shallow, free of underwater rocks. The closest to the beach Sea garden promenade is full of cafes, restaurants and beach bars which offer delicious food and refreshing drinks under solid shadows. Available are different kinds of sport and leisure activities – beach volleyball, water wheel, windsurf, water ski, water jets, paragliding, etc. After the sun baths you can take a walk under the tree shadows in the Sea garden and march along the alleys and paths barefoot.

Photo of Burgas beach

Beach of Burgas, Bulgaria


Everything you need to know about Burgas: HERE!




Kraimorie is a quarter of Bourgas and lies about 10 km to the south of the city. It is a small holiday settlement, which is growing slowly in the last decades. Kraimorie has a nice but not very spacious beach area, which is even narrow in some parts. The water is clean, calm and warm. The sea bottom is flat and shallow – suitable for children and inexperienced swimmers. There are a couple of beach cafes for a snack and refreshing drinks.

Photo of Kraimorie beach

Beach of Kraimorie, Bulgaria





Chernomorets is a relatively small and quiet sea resort, which lies 25 km south of Bourgas and 9 km north of Sozopol. It is situated on a picturesque peninsula and has spacious beaches with fine golden sands. The beach areas in Chernomorets are equipped with lifeguard posts; the bottom is flat, sandy and shallow and the water is clear, calm and warm – very suitable for children and inexperienced swimmers. Here are available all common beach attractions like a water wheel, water jet, banana ride, water ski, surf, etc.

Photo of Chernomorets beach

Beach of Chernomorets, Bulgaria




Gradina Camping

The “Gradina” (Garden) Camping is situated on 2 km south of Chernomorets. This is a favorite place for windsurfers. The beach is spacious, with fine sands and clear water, and offers a lot of sunshine and relaxation.

Photo of Camping “Gradina” beach

Beach of camping Gradina, Bulgaria




Goldfish Camping

The “Goldfish” Camping is situated amongst exotic vegetation, only 2 km northern from Sozopol. The beach is not very big and wide, but offers clear water and fine sands. The place is secluded and not so crowded – perfect for those who are seeking for privacy and relaxation.

Photo of Golden Fish beach

Beach of Golden Fish, Bulgaria




The beaches of Sozopol are quite spacious and long. There are sun parasols and lounges (paid), also lifeguard and medical posts along the entire beach. The sand is fine, clean and shiny. It is cleaned and flattened daily. The water is crystal and warm, with no algae. Like all other resorts, here are available all kinds of water attractions like banana ride, water ski, water jets, windsurf, water wheel, beach volleyball, etc. Also available are plenty of restaurants and taverns, serving various international cuisine and fish specialties, pubs, beer bars and cafes.

Photo of Golden Fish beach

Central Beach of Sozopol, Bulgaria The photo is from

In Sozopol area there are several other beaches and camping areas, quite secluded and picturesque like:

Photo of Kavaci beach

Kavaci Beach , Bulgaria


Photo of Duni beach

Duni Beach , Bulgaria


Photo of Smokini beach

Smokini Beach , Bulgaria



Arkutino beach

Arkutino Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. It is located a few kilometers more south, after Duini beach. Please note the Arkution Beach cannot be reached from Duni. The road from Sozopol to Duini is closed just after the beach of Duini. Arkutino can be reached from the main road from Bourgas to Primorsko.

Photo of Arkutino beach

Arkutino beach, Bulgaria




Primorsko has four beaches:

The North beach is about 1 km long. It is well maintained, with fine golden sand and clear shallow water. On the beach there are all necessary services available: sun parasols and lounges, lifeguard, medical posts, showers and changing cabins. Along the whole beach line you can find a lot of restaurants, ice-cream shops, pubs and cocktail bars. Different kinds of water sports and leisure activities are offered: banana ride, water wheel, water ski, jets, surfing, boat cruises, volleyball playground, etc.

Photo of Primorsko north beach

Primorsko north beach, Bulgaria


Central Beach in Primorsko

The Central beach is a natural extension of the North beach and offers the same services and attractions. The sand area is not very wide, but is clean and maintained, with soft and fine sand. The sea is clear, calm and warm.

Photo of Primorsko central beach

Primorsko central beach, Bulgaria


South Beach in Primorsko

The South beach has a long and wide sand area. The sea is crystal and warm. It is suitable for family vacations with children because the seawater is very calm and the bottom is flat and shallow. All popular attractions can be found here also: water wheel, banana ride, water jet, surf, water ski, etc. There are paid sun parasols and lounges, and a free zone for own equipment. The beach offers a variety of restaurants, bars and fast food facilities.

Photo of Primorsko south beach

Primorsko south beach, Bulgaria


Perla beach

“Perla” (Pearl Eng.) Beach lies about 3 km north of Primorsko. The sand area is not very wide but is quite long. The water is clean, calm and warm, there are no underwater rocks and the bottom is flat and shallow. The sands are fine and golden. Lifeguard posts are there for the safety of the holidaymakers.

Photo of Perla beach

Perla south beach, Bulgaria


MMC beach

The beach of the “International Youth Center” ( MMC beach called in Bulgaria) is located south of Primorsko, between Primorsko and Kiten. It is situated in small bay and offers crystal and warm sea water, fine and soft sand. The beach is surrounded by a beautiful forests and natural sand dunes and offers picturesque nature and sea views.

Photo of MMC-Primorsko beach

MMC beach, Bulgaria





Kiten is a small, but rapidly developing holiday resort. It has two beaches with total surface of 145 000 m2.

North beach in Kiten

The North beach (beach Atliman) lies in the northern side of Kiten. It is surrounded by beautiful rocks on both sides and is located in a small bay. It offers picturesque combination of sea and mountain views. The sand area is spacious and well maintained; the water is warm and calm and the sand is soft and shiny. There are lifeguards, paid sun parasols and lounges and various attractions like: banana ride, water wheel, water jets, etc. Along with the beach different cafes, restaurants and bars can be seen, offering light snacks and refreshing drinks.

The South beach offers the same possibilities for a pleasant and memorable experience as the North beach – fine and gold sands, clear and warm water, picturesque nature sceneries and interesting water and leisure attractions.

Photo of Kiten beach

Beach of Kiten, Bulgaria





Lozenetz is a fast growing sea resort, but is still very calm and quiet place for relaxing and carefree vacation. The beaches of Lozenetz are nice and not very crowded; the sea is clear, warm and shallow and the sand is fine, soft and golden. The resort offers all types of beach activities and attractions like: water wheel, windsurf, jet, yachting, etc. In the north side of the beach you can find a surfing school, where to learn how to become a waves-master. Along the whole beach line there are zones with sun parasols and lounges and also free zones for own equipment. The numerous beach cafes and restaurants will offer you delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Photo of Lozenets beach

Beach of Lozenets, Bulgaria





Tsarevo is small holiday resort further south of Kiten. The beaches there are not very spacious, but still can offer a nice and pleasant holiday with its clear and warm water and soft golden sand. Like in all other sea destinations, here are also available different kinds of leisure activities, cozy beach cafes and restaurants.

Photo of Tsarevo beach

Beach of Tsarevo, Bulgaria





Sinemorets is the southernmost beach resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is a small village, located away from the busy and crowded holiday destinations. The natural beauty of the place is compared to paradise, because of its crystal warm water, golden and unspoiled sand beaches, cuddled among natural dunes and deep forests.

There are four beaches in the region!

Butamiata Beach

The “Butamiata” beach is the central beach of Sinemorets. It is not very big, but clean and not crowded. The water is crystal and warm, but almost all the time there are small and medium waves which makes it a favorite place for the windsurfers. There are a couple of beach restaurants offering fresh drinks and good food. Available are paid sun parasols and lounges, lifeguards and attractions like banana riding, windsurf, water jet, water wheel, etc.

Photo of Butamyata beach

Beach of Butamyata, Bulgaria


North Beach in Sinemorets

The North beach is located on the mouth of river Veleka and is the most beautiful beach in Bulgaria (according to many holidaymakers). There are no lifeguards or other services available, but the location and the surrounding natural sceneries are worth seeing. This beach is not visited by many tourists because of its remoteness from the biggest and popular sea resorts, and that is why it has preserved its natural and unspoiled beauty.

Photo of Sinemorets north beach

 North beach of Sinemorets, Bulgaria


Lipite Beach

“Lipite” Beachis a secluded and romantic place which lies in a small bay. It offers unspoiled nature, calmness, and peace. The beach is not guarded; there are no buildings and tourist facilities, not even a trace of modern human activities, only picturesque views, and complete peacefulness. The silence of the place is broken only by the birds, sweetly singing in the near forest.

Photo of Lipite beach

 Lipite beach, Bulgaria


Silistar Beach

“Silistar” Beachis the last piece of Eden on the Black sea coast. It is located in a protected area, where all kinds of building activities are restricted. The nature is virgin and beautiful; the beach has clean and soft sand and the sea is warm and clear. The bottom is relatively shallow and the sea has waves, that is why it is a favorite place of the windsurfers.

Photo of Silistar beach

 Silistar beach, Bulgaria


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