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26 March 2019

Holiday in Bulgaria

10 Reasons why Bulgaria should be your next holiday destination

With its abundance of unforgettable sights and limitless opportunities for relaxation, Bulgaria is the place where you want to be.

10 reasons to book a holiday in bulgaria

Coming up with the perfect holiday spot can be a dream task since everyone has a different idea about the best way to spend their vacation– to some it means sunbathing and enjoying the seaside, to some it could be a long hike in nature, while others prefer partying. Your struggle to find the best holiday spot is finally over because Bulgaria is the ultimate holiday destination that offers the most exquisite experience. Listed below are some of the main reasons why you should book your vacation here straight away.

1. Extremely accessible and at a low price

Bulgaria is extremely accessible

Due to its location, Bulgaria is actually easily accessible from every point of the world. Most low-cost-carriers offer numerous options for flights to the country. The greater group of the ticket prices range between 50$ – 80$ if they are booked beforehand. It is truly remarkable that you can visit a foreign country that has so much to offer at such a low price. So whenever you start planning your next trip, remember that flights to Bulgaria are sometimes even cheaper than trips inside your own country.




2. Budget-friendly

Is bulgaria a budget friendly

Are you on the hunt for an affordable but still magnificent holiday experience? Well if that is the case – once again Bulgaria is just the place for you! Considered the cheapest country in Europe, Bulgaria offers great opportunities for a luxurious holiday at a great price. The options are limitless and they vary from the opportunity to rent a fancy apartment or a studio with sea view to renting a villa with a swimming pool in the peaceful rural areas of the seaside. These amazing opportunities may cost a fortune in Western resorts but here in Bulgaria prices are several times lower than in any other place all over the world.

3. Family-friendly

With its quiet and calm resorts, Bulgaria is just the right spot for a family vacation. There are plenty of activities that you and your family can enjoy together such as biking, hiking, birdwatching etc.
The seaside offers some of the best Aqua parks on the entire Balkan Peninsula that will bring your family immense joy and will make your holiday one to be remembered.
The sand sculpture festival in Bourgas is also an opportunity for your family to spend quality time together while enjoying the beautiful work, of artists from all over the world.

4. Stunning seaside and coastal towns

Nessebar, coastal town, Bulgaria

Some of the key aspects of a good holiday are definitely the sun, the beaches, and the sea! In Bulgaria, you get the full package. With its pristine coastline and clear seas, Bulgaria the ultimate summer holiday location. The country is famous for its “golden sands” and “sunny beaches” that make sunbathing a real pleasure. For those of you who prefer a cold beer on a hot summer day, the numerous beach-bars and cafes will be the real deal. Once again at a really low price, tourists can enjoy a refreshing cold drink while making the most of their day at the lovely sandy beaches of Bulgaria.

Small coastal towns, on the other hand, hold such a unique charm to them and it is a real pleasure to just wander around the narrow, picturesque streets and embrace the spirit of the country.

5. Mountains and hiking locations

Mountains in Bulgaria

In case spending a day by the sea is not your thing, there are plenty of other activities you can choose from. A real tourist-favorite is hiking in the spectacular Bulgarian mountains. There is no experience that can come even close to the feeling you get when you make your first steps in Bulgaria’s stunning nature.
The overwhelming feeling of peace, quiet and relaxation are what makes this experience remarkable and a once-in-a-lifetime.

6. Cuisine

Seafood in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a favorite destination for foodies from all over the world. If you are a lover of bold flavors, vibrant food, unique seasonings, and outstanding drinks then you will definitely love the country’s cuisine. While on your trip to Bulgaria don’t forget to try the signature dishes – Tarator and Shopska salad. Another must-try is the Bulgarian yogurt. You really haven’t had a yogurt like this in your life. After all, Bulgaria is the country of origin of that delicious and really healthy product. So there is no better place to taste it than here.

7. Bulgarian Wine

 Bulgarian wine

Nothing compliments the stunning Bulgarian cuisine better than the wide variety of wines the country has to offer. There were times in history when the country was the fourth biggest producer of wine worldwide so that really should raise the expectations when it comes to Bulgarian wine.
World renown experts claim that Bulgarian wine is to be back as a leading, top quality product on the market. So don’t miss the chance to try the different blends while you are in the country.

8. Nightlife

Sunny beach nightlife

Looking for a night to remember? Bulgarian resorts offer a wide variety of parties and events that you can attend. And if you haven’t heard already, the country is famous for its nightlife. Many tourists come here just in order to participate in the numerous parties that are held right by the beaches or in some of the most famous clubs and are hosted by some of the world’s top DJs.
With its outdoors party venues, the clubs in Sunny beach really can compare to those in Ibiza and other top party locations.

9. Bulgarian culture and history

Bulgarian culture and history

What really makes Bulgaria stand out from any other tourist location is the extensive amount of historical and cultural sites. Some of the places you must have on your bucket list are The Seven Rila lakes, The Rila Monastery and The old town of Nessebar.
The old town of Nessebar combines everything that you may want to experience in a cultural site. It is rich in history with some of its buildings and churches dating back in time to the Thracian and Roman times. The first urbanization of the city began around 3 200 years ago so there is really a cornucopia of artifacts that those keen on history will find outstanding. For those of you who are not really into history, the location offers a great panorama to the sea and amazing cafes and places for relaxation.

10. Bulgarian Rose Valley

Bulgarian Rose Valley

One of the things Bulgaria is most famous for is the Damask Rose. It typically grows in the Rose Valley, near the town of Kazanlak. If you ever find yourself in Bulgaria, don’t miss the chance to visit the Rose Valley and participate in some of the most unique activities in the world. Some of them are rose picking, rose jam tasting and observation of the process of production of rose oil (one of the most expensive raw materials in the world). It may sound cliché but there is literally no other place in the world where you could indulge yourself in those activities.

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