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17 April 2018

Best beaches in Bulgarian Black sea south coast

Beautiful shores, clear water and bright sunshine– the beaches in Bulgaria are famous for its exquisite . The combination of mountain scenery and sea views attracts a large number of tourists every year along the beaches in Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

However there are fewer and fewer quiet and picturesque Bulgarian beaches, where the guests can relax, undisturbed by anyone. Black Sea coasts have been growing rapidly over the past few years, but fortunately there are still wild and cosy beaches, untouched by building contractors.
If you are visiting Bulgaria for the first time, you will be delighted by the wonderful views and seawater, and those of you who are coming back here… well, the fact that you repeat the visit speaks for itself.


Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria

Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria


If you are among our guests and you want to spend some of your free time on a beautiful Bulgarian beach, we would be delighted to offer you transportation to it, as well as anything else you may need for the trip. Here are several options, which are relatively close to our Bulgarian villas and easy to reach by car:

Bulgarian beautiful beaches – Photo of Sunny Beachfirst place in number of visitors in Bulgaria, only 20 km/20 min ride away from the villas.

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is probably the most popular on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and a preferred destination for summer entertainment by large and small companies both Bulgarians and foreigners. In the summer, life in Sunny Beach shines bright like a diamond- the beach promenade is full of people and the bars are open until the morning. That’s what makes it a great destination for young people looking for fun and dynamics. There are aqua parks, attractions, swimming pools, sports facilities, amusement parks and discos, as well.

In Sunny Beach, Bulgaria you can enjoy the so-called Cacao Beach (an attraction built on the beach, with canopies and luxury armchairs) and Nesebar Bay. They are cleaned on daily basis and handled with special equipment for greater convenience to guests. There you can gather tan and enjoy the good weather, or indulge in the various water sports. This would be your ideal choice, if you are a free spirit and love making new friends.

The picture is taken from here

Bulgarian beautiful beaches – Photo of Pomoriethe best variety of long beachlines to choose among, 20 km/20 min ride away from our villas

The beach of Pomorie is approximately 18 km long, about 7 meters wide and has fine black sand. The coastal seabed has a slight slope, without reefs and cold sea currents, which makes it absolutely safe for bathing

The central beach of Pomorie is a beautiful and therefore quite often visited place. There is a guarded and unguarded area on the beach. The guarded area is well arranged, clean and tidy while the other is not maintained, but if you prefer to sit in a quiet and peaceful place, this would be your ideal choice. The proximity of the Central Beach to the pools of natural mud and salt is another reason for it to be so attractive to the tourists. In Pomorie there are excellent conditions for mud spa all year round.

The eastern beach of the town is located in the southern part of the Pomorie Coast. This is the longest coastal strip in this region, which reaches the village of Aheloy to the south. The beach is one of the best known places known to visitors and is highly visited due to this reason.

The southern beach is quite smaller compared to the central beach, but it is a place everyone can find something for themselves. There is an area with paid umbrellas and there is another free area for those wishing to stretch their own umbrella. There is no parking place on the beach, but it is close to the bus station. Of course, anyone who has arrived by car can park it at a convenient location in the city and walk to the beach.

Bulgarian beautiful beaches – Photo of Nessebarbeautiful place, again on only 20 km/20 min ride away from the villa you are staying in

The beaches of Nessebar are beautiful, with golden sand and crystal clear water. The sea is predominantly shallow, making it perfect for the children to play there and thus guarantees your peace during the stay. In the Old Town there is a small and cozy beach offering peaceful atmosphere. In the new part of Nessebar you can rest on the South Beach, which is longer than the one in the old part of town, but it is narrower. The vast majority of the area is with paid umbrellas and sun loungers, but there is also a free reel which is not so large. Along the beach there are plenty of bars and places offering fresh juices or ice cream. Beach volleyball is also an indispensable part of your fun here.

Bulgarian beautiful beaches – Photo of Dunes50 min ride by car/taxi from our villas

The beach of the Dunes is among the most luxurious on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is part of the holiday village of the same name, which is on the territory of a national nature reserve. The beach is 4, 5 km long and over 100 m wide, covered with fine sand. The sea here gradually becomes deep, and Dune’s beach is the winner of the eco Blue Flag award for a clean environment. In recent years, several new hotels have been built and the resort has become one of the most attractive in the area. The bay is comfortable for windsurfing and other sea sports you may want to try in your free time.

Bulgarian beautiful beaches – Photo of Sozopol45 min ride by car/taxi or an hour with a bus from the villas in Bryastovets

photo by

Last but not least among the beaches is Sozopol. The town has two beaches with fine golden sand. The central beach is better known to tourists and more accessible. The Harmanite is bigger and is located in the new part of the town. 3 km north of Sozopol you can visit the Golden Fish (Zlatna Ribka) beach, which has plenty of shallow water and no waves – what makes it a pleasant and comfortable for a holiday with the children.

If you decide to visit one of the above mentioned beaches, please let us know before or during your stay and we will be happy to find you a taxi or rent-a-car or assist you in any other way possible.

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