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9 December 2019

Sand Sculptures Festival in Burgas

There are many things to be seen and done while you are on your summer holiday in Bulgaria. You can relax by the pool of your Bulgarian rental holiday villa, sunbathe, relax, try some new sports or simply enjoy the outstanding Black sea beaches. But one of the most unique activities you can enjoy is definitely the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Burgas.


The sand festival in Burgas

Burgas sand festival

The International Sand Sculptures Festival in Burgas is one of the main summer attractions for tourists on Bulgarian black sea. In 2020 it would be its 13th edition. The festival usually starts in the very first week of July and gathers thousands of tourists daily. The venue of the Sand Festival is quite popular – it’s in the Burgas Lake Park that is near the Burgas Horse Base and Burgas beach. Each year the festival is dedicated to a certain theme. For 2020 the theme is “Medieval times” and there is no wonder that the hype is so great already. The last couple of years were dedicated to magical creatures and creatures from fairytales as well as children’s favorite characters proved to be the best ones for the entire festival. Artists really put a lot of effort while creating these majestic pieces of true art but it seems as if their forte is really the Medieval, fairytale- looking genre.



The sand sculptures were outstanding. Especially impressive were those of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of thrones, the Two Towers from Lord of the Rings, characters from favorite movie franchises such as Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Game of thrones. There were representatives of favorite myths and legends as well as numerous Greek heroes and demigods. The impressive craftsmanship of the artists drew the attention even of passersby who immediately decided to buy a ticket to the festival. All of these incredible sand sculptures you can see while you are on holiday in Bourgas.


Ticket price for Sand sculptures festival in Burgas

Burgas sand sculptures festival

The price is – 10 BGN entrance fee. Usually, there are a discount price for groups and children so if you are visiting the outstanding Sand Sculpture Festival in Burgas with your family, you should be able to enjoy the beautiful sculptures at a great price.

Best time to visit the sand festival in Burgas

It is important to keep in mind that the state the sand sculptures are in changes quite a lot during the Bulgarian summer. Their condition naturally quite depends on the weather conditions as well. Since heavy rains, gale-force winds and sudden temperature changes slowly alter the appearance of the art exhibition. But if you are planning your family’s summer holidays in Bulgaria to begin at the peak of summer, you should be able to enjoy the sculptures at their best.


But how are made these sand sculptures in Burgas?!

Burgas sand sculptures festival

Before the actual sculpting process even begins, on the Burgas beach are imported several tons of sand that is damp-proof. This is the most important thing, to begin with. Many tourists assume that the sand used is just any regular Bulgarian beach sand. But that is not exactly the case. The material used to make the sculptures actually undergoes several procedures with different chemical substances – so that the sculptures last as long as possible without any damage.

Step two is to mix this Bulgarian sand with some clay – in order to add some additional strength to the compound. This serves the sole purpose of helping the sand resist the Bulgarian weather conditions. It may not seem like a big deal but the sun and the wind are the number one enemies of the sculptures at the Sand festival in Burgas.


Burgas sand sculptures festival


Afterward, a slow and intense sculpting process begins. The Sand Festival in Burgas attracts artists and sculptors from all over the world who are eager to show off their skills. The process is quite long and complex since the sand is not at its most stable form at that point. Once the sculptures are finished they are covered with a layer of adhesive – to strengthen the artwork. This complex process is done once the adhesive dries out and the sculptures are ready to welcome their first visitors.

It is impressive, the pace that the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Burgas, Bulgaria, attracts visitors with. It is estimated that over 100 000 tourists visit the site each year.

Where is the sand festival in Burgas?

The Sand Sculpture Festival in Burgas occupies a space of about 5 hectares’ in Burgas Lake Park. There are numerous signs and posters that are supposed to show you the way in different points of the city. If you are having trouble making your way to the impressive exhibit, do not hesitate and ask the locals for some advice.

Usually, if you go in the early morning or at sundown you are likely to have a bit more privacy and time to enjoy the sculptures, as it tends to get quite crowded around noon and in the afternoon.


If you are looking for a family-friendly and really interesting activity while you are in a rental holiday in Bulgaria – this is just the thing for you. We believe that this would be a great addition to your overall summer experience at our holiday villas in Bulgaria.




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