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6 November 2019

Free Wi-Fi in Bulgaria

In the 21st century, one of the main things we consider before going on a trip is whether or not we would have regular access to Internet and phone communications. In our blog, we have already covered the phone topic (you can check it out here), so it is about time we talked more about the Wireless Internet in Bulgaria.

Where to find Free WiFi in Bulgaria?


Free WiFi in Bulgaria


How is the internet service in Bulgaria?

It is important to note that Bulgaria is one of the countries that take great pride in the quality and coverage of the Internet Network. In fact, Bulgarian internet is placed among the top 20 countries with the best public WiFi internet worldwide. This should serve as some sort of relief to all tourists that come on a holiday in Bulgaria that they would not be lacking any access to the Internet. There are different opportunities on how and when you would be able to connect yourself to some network.

Best case scenario, your network provider has coverage in Bulgaria and you still have your regular mobile Internet access as usual. This is typically the case with EU citizens who are under the protection of the “Roam like at home “policy. But relying solely on the limited mobile data connection is definitely not an option for anyone. There is so much you might need the internet for downloading and uploading images, carrying out talks with friends and family and even work. That’s why it is only natural that you come prepared with some clues as to where and when you will get free access to the Bulgarian internet.


Free WiFi in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Free WiFi in Sunny Beach


The first and obvious way to get free internet in Sunny Beach is the WiFi in Sunny Beach cafeterias, Sunny Beach restaurants, and Sunny Beach hotels. You can always check in advance if there is a wireless internet connection provided in the place where you are on holiday in Bulgaria. If you are staying in our Bulgarian holiday rental villas with a swimming pool, you will be getting WiFi in the price included. What is even better is that we offer good WiFi coverage all over the premises. You can connect to our hotspots literally everywhere – the pools, the garden, the barbeque, and of course in the holiday villas. The speed and quality of the Internet signal are good enough everywhere which makes our Bulgarian holiday villas a great place for those of you who have decided to bring some work on your holiday or those of you who simply need to browse the Internet most of the time.


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In case you are not lucky enough you might need to find a solution in both other places. Usually, in Sunny Beach restaurants as well as Sunny Beach cafes a purchase is required to get access to the password of the WiFi internet. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy some quality time in a café or diner in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. As well and easy as that might sound, it is important to remember that public WiFi has its dangers.

Free WiFi in Bulgaria

Accessing free public WiFi internet networks may seem like the only solution but avoid accessing your banking sites and any currency-related sites. It is our main advice since it is quite easy for anyone using such a network to become the victim of phishing of information. This type of cyber-attack will most likely collect all of the valuable information you provide in the network. Mostly the targets of such attacks lose their credit card information and banking credentials. So be especially cautious when accessing such sites through a public network.
Now that we have come to the conclusion that free WiFi internet hotspots should be treated with great attention and caution we can talk more about what are the means to use some free internet hotspots.


Free WiFi internet in Burgas, Bulgaria

Free WiFi in Burgas


Burgas Municipality has come up with the outstanding idea of creating as many free WiFi internet zones in Burgas as possible. They can be found in Burgas parks, Burgas squares and even the Burgas beach. Some of them come supplied with solar dock stations where you can charge your phone or laptop and continue taking advantage of the free and fast connection.

Another simple means of accessing the internet is public Burgas libraries, Burgas museums, events in Burgas, and Burgas information centers. While some of them might need certain entrance fee the most should be completely free and accessible for anyone who wishes to access the Internet. You can find such in all major cities such as Burgas. Smaller cities and resorts might not have such establishments but it is better to make sure in advance about that.


Free Wifi internet in Bulgaria, Tips and Tricks!

Free WiFi in Bulgaria


This basically sums up the easy ways to access the internet. But naturally we have some tips and trick up our sleeve that might make the entire process of finding and gaining access to Wireless Internet Connection in Bulgaria a lot easier and pleasant. They require some more research but in most cases, the results are absolutely worth it.

Chances are you might have heard about apps that serve the only purpose of finding the passwords to protected WiFi internet connections such as those in airports (like Burgas airport), hotel lobbies, etc. Such apps are WiFox, Wi-Fi Finder, FourSquare, etc.


WiFox in Bulgaria

WiFox is mainly targeted at passwords at airports. It is particularly helpful to those who are on holiday in Bulgaria traveling by plane. Even if that is not the case with you, you might find the passwords for lounges and even restaurants. All you need to do is check out the in-app maps and find a suitable WiFi hotspot nearby. This app is available both for IOS and Android.

WiFi finder is the paid version of WiFox. The app is supported by both IOS and Android and serves the very same purpose as the WiFox. You can find different hotspots nearby and access them easily. The main difference between that and any other app is that the WiFi finder grants you the chance to track the Internet speed and pick the fastest and best working open hotspot nearby.

Use Foursquare for free WiFi in Bulgaria

FourSquare offers a completely different alternative to getting the passwords of public WiFi intenet spots in Bulgaria. All you need to do is scroll through the numerous reviews of different places and in time you are highly likely going to come across the desired internet Network Information. This usually takes quite some time and obviously, you will need Internet access to use any of the mentioned apps. So it is better that you come prepared with some clue as to what chances you have of connecting to some common public networks.

Foursquare in Bulgaria


Ask for WiFi passwords at info desks

You can also take advantage of the access to the Internet that certain establishments (such as airports, bus stations, and train stations) offer. If you are a frequent traveler, you are probably familiar with the standard procedure of asking about the WiFi password at the information of any of these establishments.


Lucky number 7

Last but not least you can always rely on sheer luck. There is a good chance that you come across some open Bulgarian WiFi internet networks while enjoying your holiday in Bulgaria.

Regular access to the Internet is something that will help you having a great holiday in Bulgaria. It can affect your experience in many different ways. It is only natural that you would be on the hunt for new and different ways to use the WiFi internet hotspots around you.

Happy hunting!



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