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25 June 2019

Luggage allowance for a holiday Bulgaria

Bringing back home some interesting souvenirs and items from a trip in Bulgaria is a definite must, and we expect nothing less of you. But here is what you better keep in mind before heading off back home with a bag filled with bottles of the outstanding Bulgarian Rakia, wine and rose oil.


Luggage allowance for bulgaria


Generally, airports have those strict baggage allowances that you should really keep in mind. Anyone that has ever been on a plane knows they must keep track of the weight and dimensions of their suitcases. We have put together some of the most common and important things you need to remember when packing your luggage.


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1. Dimensions of the luggage


This is the first and most important condition a traveler has to meet. We have looked through the existing restrictions of some of the most significant low-cost carriers: Ryanair and Wizzair. We also took notice of the restrictions posed by Bulgaria Air as an alternative.

Ryan air has the very specific dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm for carry-on bags and 81cm x 119cm x 119cm for checked-in ones.


Luggage allowance rayan air


Wizzair, on the other hand, offers a smaller dimension of the carry-on bag – 40cm x 30cm x 20cm and it should weight a maximum of 10 kilograms. The checked-in luggage, however, has quite large dimensions: 149cm x 119cm x 171cm. This fact already sets the difference between the two dominating flight companies. It is entirely up to you to decide which one suits your needs better.


Luggage allowance Wizzair


Bulgaria Air in economy class offers only 1 piece of hand baggage up to 10 kg and dimensions 55cm x 40cm x 23cm and 1 personal item/laptop bag.


Jet2 passengers are permitted to carry one piece of hand baggage on board their flight. A maximum weight of 10kg applies and it must be no bigger than 56 x 45 x 25cm. Passengers can check-in up to three 22kg pieces of checked-in baggage per person. Oversized and overweight luggage will face extra charges, however no single item of baggage may weigh more than 32kg.


Luggage allowance



2. Number of bags you are allowed to carry and purchasing extra bag slots


Some companies like Wizzair offer the opportunity to save up some additional bag slots. Each passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of six check-in bags with them. In order to do so they must save up a maximum of 3 online in advance, and the rest can be booked at the airports right before the flight. Sure the second 3 would cost a bit more, but it is part of the company’s policy.

The extra luggage slots share the same dimensional requirements. It is important to note that there is also a weight restriction. When you are traveling with 6 baggage lots you can carry a suitcase that weighs 10 kilograms, two that weight 20 and three that weight 32 kilograms. That is the only possible configuration offered by Wizzair.

Companies such as Ryanair prefer to add additional charges for extra kilograms over the set maximum of 32 kilograms. Each kilogram over that limit costs around 11 Euro*.


3. Checked-in baggage


Most of the low-cost carriers share the same restrictions as to the contents of the checked-in baggage. One of the most important things is to make sure that there are no cash, securities, jewellery, precious metal, precious and semi-precious stones, computers, cameras, video cameras, mobile phones or other electronic appliances and their accessories, official, business or private documents, travel or other identity documents, keys, liquid, medicine, pieces of art and fine art, perishable items. You are generally allowed to put those in the checked-in baggage but the company is in no means responsible for any damage, loss or potential issues with the listed valuables.


4. Carry-on bags


The suitable way to carry all the valuables listed above is definitely the carry-on bag. It is the bag that you are supposed to bring with you in the cabin of the plane and have it places underneath the seat in front of yours. There you can store all of your electronics, keys, personal documents, money, etc. You are not supposed to bring liquids that exceed the100 ml. restriction. Any liquid should come in a bottle that has later been sealed in a plastic bag. The liquids should be under 100 ml. Remember any sharp objects, scissors, pocket knives and anything else that can compromise the security on the plane are absolutely forbidden.

You can also carry any purchase you have made in the duty-free zone, as well as something to read and if you are traveling with an infant, baby food as well.


5. What NOT to put in your checked-in baggage


Restricted items in the airplane


If you checked baggage contains any of the following items, you are not going to have your checked-in baggage get on the flight: Anything that is likely to endanger the aircraft, people or property, likely to be damaged during transportation by air or unsuitably packed is considered forbidden. Anything considered illegal in the country of departure or arrival is also considered the same. Luggage items that exceed the dimensions and weight restrictions are not to be boarded on the plane.

Guns, firearms, and weapons of any sort are absolutely restricted from the place. Just as any items or substance that looks like a firearm, ammunition or explosive and all possible flammable substances (except alcoholic beverages, hair spray, perfume, cologne).

There are also some restrictions about glue, pains, and other substances as well as for anything that can possibly be used as a weapon, animals and endangered species.

Keeping any of those items in your luggage and not declaring them in advance may result in your bags being left behind.


6. What to avoid putting in your carry-on bags


Once again we would like to remind you that any possible sharp objects that you might want to bring with you should be well packed and placed in your check-in luggage. Even if it is your ordinary Swiss-army knife it should be tucked right into the suitcase.


Allowed knifes in the airplane


Toiletries are also a common thing people attempt to bring on airplanes. First reminder – any razors that are not disposable will probably be taken away from you. Electric razors, however, qualify to be a part of your luggage. You can only carry liquids and gels in small containers. Toothpaste also should come in the smallest packaging possible. It is advised that you use the travel-sized toiletries. And keep in mind that all of your liquids, gels, etc. must fit in that very same plastic bag we mentioned earlier. The same rules apply to the liquid forms of makeup. All mascaras, foundations and lip balms should also be more compact than 100 ml and should also fit into the plastic bag for liquids. That is approximately 20cm x 20cm.

Any powdery makeups are free of limits. You can pack them however you please.

Each traveler is allowed one 1-quart plastic bag for liquids and gels. You must remove this bag from your carry-on luggage at the security checkpoint for screening. Pack the bag within easy reach since you are going to have to take it out.


7. Sports equipment in the airplane


Sports equipment in the airplane


There are also chances to take sports equipment alongside you on your journey. Companies such as Ryanair, Jet2, EasyJet and Wizzair offer that opportunity. After paying the sports equipment fee of 60 Euro you can carry any of the following items:

  • ski, snowboard, surf equipment, golf bags
  • jumping poles
  • bicycles wrapped in a bicycle travel case with the wheels and pedals removed and handlebars turned parallel or packed in cardboard, provided that the tyres are deflated
  • diving equipment with empty diving cylinders, removed power source or bulb switches secured in the “OFF” position
  • antlers and trophies with a valid veterinary certificate

The adventurers amongst you may need thing information since the region around Bryastovets, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and our outstanding rental private villas with a swimming pool offer countless opportunities for different sports and activities.


8. Alcohol and cigarettes


Alcohol and cigarettes in the airplane


One of the most common questions tourists find themselves asking is how much alcohol and cigarettes I can fit in my luggage. To begin with – bottles of alcohol should be really well packaged, so there is no chance of breaking some companies even require Styrofoam packaging. If breakable items are damaged during the flight, the responsibility is entirely on the owner of the luggage.

Passengers can carry alcoholic beverages as follows: there are no restrictions for beverages under 24% of alcoholic content. For those with an alcohol content between 24% and 70% – the restriction is 5 liters per person and alcoholic beverages with more than 70% alcohol – are absolutely prohibited.

There is an amazing duty-free limit for travelers that departure and arrive in two EU countries (90L for wine, 110L of beer, and 10L of spirits per person). Airports keep in mind not only their own regulations but also the import laws of different countries as well as the rules set by national governments and the EU Commission.

The rules about cigarettes are all in accordance with the ones set by the national governments and the EU Commission. Cigarettes should come in the check-in luggage and should be properly packed as well.


9. Medication for carrying on in the airplane


Rules about medication are quite unique in every different country. But most of the times you might need to submit the medication you are bringing along to the authorities for a check, especially if it is a liquid one. If the medication comes in containers that exceed the 100 ml or you bring syringes and other necessary supplements you should let security inspect it at the checkpoint.

There is a good chance that authorities at some airports check if you have the permission to carry a certain drug with you and if it is legal to carry it abroad.


10. Electronics on the flight


Electronics on flight


There are some restrictions as to the electronics you may possibly use during your flight. You can use all different kinds of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers and laptops. The only requirements are that they remain on “flight mode” during the entire flight.

Laptops should also be folded and stored safely during the take-off and landing. Some electronic devices such as heart pacemakers, hearing aids, implanted medical devices, electronic nerve stimulators can be used for the entirety of the flight.

Packing is a tedious job no matter if you are headed on vacation or finally getting back home. With our simple tips, you needn’t worry about anything. Just follow them and enjoy your remarkable holiday villa for rent in Bulgaria.

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