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20 April 2018

Airports in Bulgaria

If you have already booked one of our holiday villas or you are planning to do so, then it is good to keep in mind some basic facts about the biggest Bulgarian airports so that you can prepare a plan for your trip before its realization. Keep in mind that it is highly possible that you find airline tickets at excellent prices for more remote airports than the location of our villas, as a preferred option for a significant part of our guests is Sofia Airport. In any case, whatever option you may choose, we will be glad to assist you in arranging your travel from the airport to our complexes and villas and vice versa. We have the possibility to arrange a transfer for you, a taxi or rent-a-car.

Here are listed the most frequently chosen options by tourists:


Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria

Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria


1. Sofia Airport (SOF) – the largest in Bulgaria, located 380 km from our villas


Photo of Sofia International Airport


The capacity of the two terminals at Sofia Airport is 4.4 million passengers per year.

Terminal 1 offers convenient access, simplified procedures and efficient service with all the elements of the modern airport standard. It was built in the first half of the twentieth century. It was repeatedly expanded and upgraded, being mainly renovated in year 2000. The terminal are using by low cost companies as WizzAir and EasyJet


Photo of Sofia International Airport – Terminal 1


Terminal 2 opens doors in 2006 and its modern architecture immediately attracts the eye. Access to the 8 levels of the terminal is provided by 12 elevators and 7 escalators. Passage connects the halls with covered car garage with 800 parking places. Terminal 2 has shopping areas offering various services – shops, restaurants, cafes, banks and exchange bureaus. The automated baggage sorting system with a 4-speed security check, 34 check-in counters and the modern airport information system provide quality service for up to 2000 passengers in peak hours. The terminal is designed in a way that implies its future expansion in accordance with the needs of evolving traffic.


Photo of Sofia International Airport – Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has a special site where aviation photography lovers can shoot, record, or just watch landing and take-off aircraft. Fans of plane spotting or in translation “air observation” can visit the site that is constructed on two metal structures.



Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria

Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria


2. Burgas Airport (BOJ)

This is the closest airport in Bulgaria to our Bulgarian holiday villas , located only 12 km away

Photo of Burgas Airport – Departures terminal


Burgas Airport is used for domestic and international transport and is one of the biggest airports in Bulgaria. From year 2018 Ryanair opened a new base at Burgas Airport, from the end of March, with 11 new routes.Its main function is the assumption of tourist charter traffic.


Photo of Burgas Airport – Arrivals terminal

It is situated in a picturesque bay in the southern part of the Black Sea coast, 10 km from the center of Bourgas. Geographically, Bourgas airport is located on the border between two continents – Europe and Asia. Due to this fact, it is of strategic importance. It can be said that it connects the East with the West. The airport infrastructure is very well developed, taken into consideration that this airport serves the resorts along the southern Black Sea coast.


Photo of Burgas Airport – Inside Check-in


The airport’s management has set the goal of making the airport a preferred low-cost airline.


Burgas Airport transfers:

Bus: Line No 15 (Bus-stop: located at the entrance of the airport area).Initial and final bus stops in Burgas – Burgas bus station “South”

Taxi: The Taxi Piazza is located in front of the Arrivals Terminal at Burgas Airport. A taxi ride from Burgas Airport to the city takes approx 15 minutes, depending on the traffic intensity.


Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria

Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria


3. Varna Airport (VAR) – the second nearest airport, located 110 km from our villas and apartments


Photo of Varna Airport

Varna Airport is located on the northern Black Sea coast and is the second largest airport in Bulgaria. Used for domestic and international transport. It is located about 7.5 km west of the center of Varna. Its area is 2414 acres. The aerodrome has a runway of 2.5 km in length and 55 m in width. It has 32 airplane seats and is connected to the international roads E-70 and E-87, there is also modern navigation equipment.
The flights are mainly international charters – 90% of the total number of passengers are on international routes.

The International Lines “Arrivals” is 450sq.m. in front of immigration offices, 650sq.m. for luggage and customs control and 345sq.m. for the public waiting area. The international departments “Departures” have 14 check-in counters. The bundles are connected to the luggage handling system, which consists of 3 conveyor belts.

The two airports – Bourgas and Varna offer more and more new charter flights to low-cost airlines from late March to late November – from and to Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, the Netherlands, Israel and many more).

Plovdiv Airport (PDV)

It is a rarely chosen airport, but therefore small and convenient, without large flows of tourists, 250 km away from our villas


Photo of Plovdiv Airport

Plovdiv Airport is located 12 km southeast of the town near the village of Krumovo, therefore the airport is also known as the Krumovo Airport or the so-called “South Gate of Bulgaria.” The airport is close to the road between Plovdiv and Asenovgrad and about 3 km from the railway station of Mavrudovo. In 2009 a new terminal was opened, which has a capacity of more than 1000 people per hour and has more space for the airplanes.

We are always at your disposal and we will be glad to discuss the most suitable option for airport and transportation to our villas for you.

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