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27 September 2019

Hotels, apartments and villas in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is definitely famous for its resorts, the outstanding sunny beaches with fine sand. But the beautiful Bulgarian coast is also known for its diversity, which is clearly seen in the numerous holiday opportunities it offers. Here is a detailed Bulgarian coast holiday guide that will help you figure out just the right type of Bulgarian holiday that will suit your needs perfectly.


How to pick the right place for your holiday in Bulgaria


Transport connections to Bulgarian Black sea beaches

First of all, we must discuss the most important subject and that is transportation. Every good holiday starts with a flawless trip. Every inconvenience during the travel sets up a bad tone for the entire holiday. So it is good to have a clear idea of the best way to reach your Bulgarian holiday destination.


Bulgarian Airports


There are two main airports on the Bulgarian Seaside – Varna, and Burgas. They are the preferred type of transportation for tourists that come to Black sea beaches for their summer holiday in Bulgaria. Varna is located in the northern part of the Bulgarian seacoast meanwhile Burgas is in the southern region of the coastline. The two cities’ international airports, Varna Airport, and Burgas Airport are the main hubs servicing the region. Another great means of transportation is the Trakia motorway; it connects the capital Sofia with the city of Burgas. It will take you around 3 and half hours to get to Burgas city, so Sofia airport is also a good choice for transportation.


North and South black sea coast

Varna and Burgas are the border points that divide the Bulgarian seacoast to northern beaches and southern beaches. The north black sea coast is predominant by more cliff and rocky shores but really picturesque that rise over the sea. It is important to note that it is always a few degrees colder in the north than in the southern parts.

Those who are interested in virgin Bulgarian beaches and preserved wildlife will probably enjoy the northern parts of the coast way more since there you can come across some beautiful secluded small black sea beaches, breathtaking views from the numerous cliffs and rocks and real peace and serenity.

Beach Bolata

North black sea coast


On the other hand, it is in the southern region that the famous crowded Bulgarian resorts are to be found. There you can come across beautiful, sandy Bulgarian beaches with pristine sparkling waters. Both regions have their immense charm and it is entirely up to you which option you prefer. Bulgaria has so much to offer, that you are going to find the right thing for you with great ease.

Silistar beach

South black sea coast


Apart from different options for the adventurous and those of you who are searching for relaxation, there are some options for those of you who prefer cultural, balneal, family-type, common tourism in Bulgaria.

The most popular locations in Bulgaria, that take pride in the extensive numbers of tourists each year are definitely Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. They are famous for their nightlife and numerous different party locations and well as the around the clock activities you can indulge yourself in. Those resorts are definitely the most famous and the most attractive to people who are looking for wild nightlife and parties. It is a great location but it definitely is not entirely suitable for family vacations, because it is a bit too noisy sometimes.

If you are into parties and nightlife you are definitely going to enjoy these popular Bulgarian resorts!

Sunny beach

Sunny beach, Bulgaria


Family holiday in Bulgaria

If you are looking for some more family-friendly alternatives in Bulgaria, you can always reach to some of the smaller resorts and even rent a private holiday villa in Bulgaria outside of the larger resorts. It is really convenient since no matter which resort you pick you are always close to the black sea beaches, and sometimes if you are lucky you can be close to the mountain as well in the very same time. There are many different options that vary, from renting a small Bulgarian rental villa in a quiet resort to renting an apartment in a quiet complex in some of the larger resorts. What really matters, is that your family gets the rest and relaxation they need.



Cultural tourism in Bulgaria

Cultural tourism in Bulgaria is really well-developed here. Thousands of tourists’ flock to cities such as Nessebar and Sozopol each year, because they enjoy the interesting and rich history of those resorts. There is so much to be seen and explored there. You can come across some ancient artifacts, buildings, and landmarks everywhere you go. That is an outstanding opportunity and a really interesting thing to observe – the way modern civilization embraces the centuries-old cultures and samples of civilization. It is both really interesting and educational, which makes it also a good alternative for family trips if you are interested in history, archeology, and ancient civilizations.


Nessebar, Bulgaria


Cultural tourism is really widespread since the Bulgarian Black sea coast has been a merging point for many different cultures and civilizations throughout history. The ancient Greek and Roman remain and well as Thracian culture and the Turkish influence on the region have all created an interesting combination of architectural styles, cuisine variations and cultural mixes that are definitely going to capture your attention. The fact that Bulgaria has always been a crossroad for different cultural influences and civilizations has made it really a unique cultural site.


City-type tourism in Bulgaria

Another popular alternative is the city-type of tourism. It is usually practiced in larger towns like Varna and Burgas. Many people choose these destinations because they are really easy to reach, really multifunctional and sometimes even better than smaller resorts. One of the main reasons why these cities are so popular with tourists is the variety of activities, the prices. The different amenities are just right around the corner. There are shopping malls, museums, galleries, a different event that happens all the time such as operas, concerts. There is a large variety of different options you can choose from. Naturally, it is a bit noisier and a bit crowded than smaller resorts, but such tiny inconveniences are compensated with the outstanding number of activities and interesting locations, clubs and places to visit.

City of Burgas

Burgas, Bulgaria


Balneal tourism in Bulgaria

Balneal tourism has been developing in the last years and has reached a great peak right now. Many people pick Pomorie as their new favorite holiday destination because of the different health benefits the city-resort has to offer. Bulgaria is rich in mineral springs and also in the healing mud also known as luga that is a well-known remedy for different conditions. It is no surprise that people from all over the world come especially for those natural remedies. If you are looking for a relaxing and healthy way to spend your holiday – visit Sozopol or Pomorie! These places will definitely make you appreciate the power of nature and the healing abilities of water.

Healing mud and salt lye in Burgas, Bulgaria

healing salt and mud Burgas, Bulgaria



As you already probably notice the tourism in Bulgarian has some really different and unique holiday opportunities to offer. But the huge diversity of Bulgarian famous resorts stretches even further than that. In Bulgaria, you can notice this wide range of prices when it comes to booking a vacation. It is outstanding because you can come across some really cheap but great opportunities like a cheap holiday villa in Bulgaria with a swimming pool, or you can rent a luxurious apartment, or even go camping and spend your holiday underneath the beautiful Bulgarian sky and stars. There are limitless options.

Do not hesitate and find the perfect holiday in Bulgaria for you, we are absolutely sure you can find just the thing you need.




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