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6 January 2019

While on holiday villa in Bulgaria

Dear holiday seekers,

It is of great importance for us the information which we represent below to catch your attention and we do hope you would decide to come to Bulgaria and to stay in our villas. Therefore we have prepared some additional description to cover all the aspects and possibilities we offer while staying in our villas. Reading this we would like to convince you that by choosing us you will have unforgettable memories and you have made the right choice. We only wish to help you pretending you are already our guests and to make a brief review of what your summer holiday could be, what to expect and what suits you best.



What activities to do while staying in a holiday villa with pool in Bulgaria?

As you are already aware from here you will be able to have a full relax away from your daily schedules and never-ending stress. You could be sure this is the ideal place for relaxing because the complex

is closed for any non-staying persons and even the cars are not allowed to be parked within the complex.
During the day the sun pleasantly worms and you only wish to lie back at the sun lounge reading a book or just dreaming and enjoying the sun.

The water in the swimming pool is crystal clear and it is very pleasant to chill in and take a swim. There are parasols at the clients’ disposal but they are not used very often because of the sea breeze thus it is not ever too hot.

You may prepare your cooked meal either in your villa (the kitchen is fully supplied) or at the BBQ

while drinking ice cold beer of best quality. Please note that the breweries in Bulgaria are owned and managed by the famous breweries in Europe but here it is very cheap – 1 BGN (1 EUR = 1.95538 BGN) for 500 ml.

So the day passes by very quickly while you are reading a book, talking to friends, having a bite and drinking beer. Besides the children are always before your eyes, swimming, playing or simply having fun around you. It is very important to mention that this family idyll does not require big costs.

Food in Bulgaria is very cheap and of good quality. 15 or 20 Levs will be enough to provide family for the day if you buy the food from the supermarket.
If you do not wish to prepare your daily meal in the villa you may visit the local bars just 200 m. away. There are two small coffee bars and a very pleasant larger one. Usually our guests have dinner there combined with some spirits in the evening. The local drink “rakiya” which is actually a plump or grape brandy could be tasted here but be aware it is pretty strong. Vodka, brandy and other spirits are also offered (about 1 lev for 100 ml.), a beer (500 ml) is 1,50 Lev, “shopska” salad (fresh tomatoes and cucumbers topped with white cheese) much preferred by our guests is 2,50 Lev, chicken and chips – 4 levs.
A family of 4 or 5 could have rich dinner plus spirits for about 40 Levs. For 50 Levs you could get totally duddled not to mention the headache that might follow.
Here you can find some new family friends as the pub is much visited by other international tourists staying in the village. You will have the opportunity to see how the locals enjoy themselves in the pub and to feel the real atmosphere in this charming and friendly pub. See here more prices in Bulgaria.

If you wish to make a daily trip around the village be prepared for a real adventure. Life in Bryastovets has nearly stopped and you may have the feeling you have returned 30-40 years back in time. Your children will probably see domestic animals for the first time in their life – sheep, goats, donkeys, cats and dogs, hens, ducks and other poultry that are an integral part of the village scenery. You have never been so close to real nature so enjoy your trip to the past and thank God for bringing you here.

When the trip is over do not forget your villa is waiting for you with all facilities for a good rest also cool inside even without an air conditioning.
Nights in Bryastovets are pleasant because of the village location. It is 300 m above the sea level situated in a plateau part of Eastern Balkan Mountain and its climate is much influenced by the sea breeze. You have to be sure you will be sleeping at complete silence, undisturbed till late morning.

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