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5 June 2018

5 tips for getting the best sun tan safely in Bulgaria

When we think of summer, the first thought that emerges is about the nice sandy beach and the welcoming waves of the sea- exactly what you can find in the resorts nearest to our villas. There are few things which are unforgettable – the sound of the waves, the sweet little chit-chats and the morning sun plus a fine bronze tan. The combination is a real recipe for resting and recharging the batteries after the long winter. You can move between full rest away from the crowds in our complexes or have some fun on the beaches of the Bulgarian Black sea. But one thing is sure- you will want to get a beautiful and healthy tan as it stays as a pleasant memory of the sea. There are few simple rules that guarantee it would be healthy, as well as good looking, and it will also stay longer and it will be all natural.


Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria

Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria


Moderate sun exposure

Excessive exposure to the sun prematurely ages the skin, dries it, pigment spots and various imperfections appear, and incineration not only is not pleasant but it is also very dangerous.

The right time

Many researches have found that sunlight between 11 am and 4 pm is dangerous to health. You will surely win nothing but unpleasant redness and burns. And in long-term aspect wrinkles, brown dots and possibly something even more dangerous for your health was likely appear. The best and even tan is achieved by gradually increasing the stay on the beach in the harmless time zones earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon.

You can find the todays UV index in Burgas, Bulgaria HERE

Quality swimwear

You need a piece that will not give you up after the first washing and one that will fit perfectly on your body. If possible, choose two-piece swimsuits and thin shoulder straps to avoid ugly marks. And if you want a really even tan, salvation is only on nudist beaches.

Sun Protection Cream

The SPF protection factor matches the amount of radiation your product can take before it reaches the skin. For example, SPF 30 means that 1/30 of the UV rays are in contact with your skin. Do not use a lower SPF 20 factor, and concentrate on areas that are most exposed to sunlight. It’s good put cream on your skin every two hours, although we do not advise you to stay under the sun for a long period of time.

When choosing a sunscreen, pay attention to the additional ingredients in it. Choose those with more natural elements. According to the studies, they are not only beneficial for the skin, they also help to reflect the ultraviolet rays.

It is recommended that the creams contain:

  • edelweiss extract – a powerful antioxidant that protects against solar radiation
  • green tea – protects against skin cancer, protects against harmful radiation
  • hibiscus – stimulates the production of melanin and protects against the rays
  • vitamin E, beta-carotene – a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radical damage
  • Aloe vera- heals, restores and protects the skin from the sun and the strong and harmful UV rays

Skin care

After each sun bath, take a shower and apply a moisturizing cream on wet skin. This ensures healthy skin and a tan that stays longer. And while on the beach do not forget the mineral water. Hydrating procedures, massage with oils and aromatherapy will be wonderful for the skin. This will help you adapt better to the normal lifestyle, restore your skin if it’s burned and hold a longer tan. The skin care after sun burn is best to include a cream containing aloe vera or jojoba which both calm down the skin and the sun burn.

The benefits of the sun

Although the sun have its risks, we can not miss to mention the benefits of sunbathing either. One of the most important benefits of UV rays is that they provide a possibility for the body to form and synthesize vitamin D. This vitamin is key to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the human body.
Another use of sunlight is heliotherapy – a method of healing and improving the health of a person through sunbathing. It is useful not only for the treatment of certain diseases but also for the prevention of healthy people. Heliotherapy is also suitable for lifting the immunity of a person, especially children. However, it is important to take into account the places where you are in the sun because the negative consequences can be intensified. Asphalt, for example, is very unsuitable for sunbathing as it heats up heavily and the air gets very stifled.
Like most things, the sun also hides both harmful and useful sides. Now, in the sunniest season, we can take advantage of it and enjoy the natural source of happiness and health, in case this is done in reasonable quantities, of course.

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