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6 November 2018

Play minigolf in Bryastovets

Playing minigolf on holiday in ‘Sunny Hills Villas’

Minigolf course BulgariaFor our holiday guests seeking relax and fun on their vacation in Bulgaria we have built a minigolf course of 9 holes next to the pool in “Sunny Hills Villas”. Our minigolf course is built of concrete lanes with soft felt carpet (artificial grass) and brick walls. The game is based on the basic putting skills only: force, direction, and break control. We are not using special golf balls on our course; in fact we are playing with one ball only, which have the purpose of equalizing the chances of all players. As we do not expect a lot of experienced players our obstacles and playing lines are not optimized for competition players of highest skill level. We believe our mini-golf course together with the other activities will offer you many pleasant moments so enjoy playing your favorite game during your summer holiday in Bryastovets.

We would like to bring to your attention some specific worldwide international minigolf playing rules and to give you some practical advices about playing minigolf.

Sunny Hills Villas mini-golf course has 9 holes each numbered from 1 to 9. Minigolf is played with ball and putter.

Our lanes are designed very attractive – their length is 7-9 meters with different shapes and obstacles between the teeing-off area and the hole. The diameter of the hole is 110 mm.

Specific sportswear is not required when playing minigolf having in mind you are on a holiday so you are free to play wearing your bathing suit in slippers or barefoot. You can take a cold beer with you from your villa’s fridge because drinking beer while playing is allowed.

The minigolf accessories – balls and putters – that are at your disposal are ordered and delivered from the UK. They cover all requirements being purchased from a company that trades with such sports accessories. Anyway you may play with your own putters and balls if you were ‘flying” together.

Order of play
Each hole is played with one ball only – e.g. all players play with one ball, one by one, and move to the next hole when the ball has been placed in the hole by each player. It is not allowed to play with two balls at the same time at one hole.

Readiness to play
The official minigolf rules say each player has about a minute in preparation for a stroke. You are not obliged to keep this rule strictly because anyway you are on a holiday and having fun is the most important thing.
A stroke is played when a player, in readiness to play, brings the putter into contact with the ball, thereby setting it in motion (the ball leaves its resting position).

Each stroke counts as a point. If the ball still has not been holed after six strokes, another (penalty-) point is added. The maximum points per hole is limited therefore up to 7 points only.

Teeing-off and placement of the ball
The first stroke is to be played from the teeing-off area to the different hole in as few strokes as possible. Subsequent shots are to be played from where the ball has come to rest. When the ball somehow leaves the playing area it is played from the point where it left the playing area. Each stroke counts as a point and has to be entered in the score card.

When the ball comes to rest close to an obstacle or to the border and its position is not suitable for a stroke it can be moved but not further than 20 cm. in distance and at 90 degrees.

Ball repositioning

Minigolf ball repositioning

A holed ball
A ball is deemed to have been holed when it comes to rest in the hole. If the ball leaves the hole due to a strong stroke it counts as an incorrect.

The path of the ball
You are allowed to touch the ball (for cleaning for example) in supervision of your fellow players and remembering the exact location of the ball. You are also allowed to clean up your lane before the stroke.

Players are not allowed to keep their own scores that is why a player’s score is kept by his/her playing partner or by a scorekeeper.

Minigolf score card

Each stroke should be marked as it is played with a Line ( | ) or slash ( / ) in the appropriate box.
Third and subsequent strokes may be marked with a shaded triangle . Aces should be flagged
up by a single straight line ( __________ ) drawn across the remaining empty boxes for that hole.

The Winner
The winner is the player with the lowest total number of points. In the event of a tie the winner is decided by a sudden death play-off. It starts at hole nr. 1 and on the next holes until there is a difference in the players’ scores. Players alternate the playing order at each next hole.

According to the rules you are not allowed to practice and roll the boll on the lanes after the game starts. Only one stroke is permitted before that and it is not scored. You may not strictly stick to this rule and you are free to specify the regulations with your partners in advance. The choice is yours so is the beer.

All players have to keep the lanes in good order and to protect the equipment from damage.

We hope our brief review on the mini-golf rules and non-observance of some of them will be helpful. Full list with the playing rules can be found here.

As we previously mentioned you are on a holiday and it is up to you to make your own playing rules. Everything that makes you feel good and stress free is appropriate, this is actually the main idea. Bulgaria is one of the countries in which people often break the rules so why not try to live like Bulgarian during your stay in Bryastovets.

We believe ‘Sunny Hills Villas‘ mini-golf course will give you pleasure and fun and your holiday in Bulgaria will be remembered for a long time.

You can book a villa in ‘Sunny Hills Villas’ here. You can book a 3-bed villa for as less as GBP 320 per week.

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