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12 November 2019

Cost of vegetables in Bulgaria

While you are on your holiday in Bulgaria chances are you are going to experience the delightful cuisine the country has to offer. But what you probably don’t know is that one of the secrets behind the outstanding taste of every meal is the quality of produce that is used in the preparation.

Price of Bulgarian vegetables


Vegetables in Bulgaria


Variety of Bulgarian vegetables

In Bulgaria, we take great pride in the way we grow our vegetables. The high-quality produce comes from real, natural gardens (no artificial methods of growing veggies) and on the fields. Most of them are completely eco and done with great care. But the outstanding result is mainly due to our great climate and geographical positioning. The fact that Bulgarian vegetables get just the right amount of sunlight and ripen in outstanding conditions really develops greater and greater flavor. The outstanding properties of our soils really make the difference. That’s why in Bulgaria we proudly say that our vegetables are one of the most delicious in the world.


Photo of Bulgarian tomatoes

Tomatoes in Bulgaria


Most tourists find it hard to resist the urge to try and execute some of the typical Bulgarian dishes on their own. It is often that locals are asked about the recipes of the signature “shopska” salad or some other simple dish. Locals are more than glad to share the tips and tricks of making a great dish. The first and most important one is finding the right ingredient.

Most resorts on the Bulgarian Black sea coast have those specifically distinguished markets for fruits and vegetables. And this is just the place you need to go to. Such places may seem small and too humble but the best products can be found just there. It probably does not come as a surprise that the larger supermarkets import most of their vegetables from countries far and wide. This does not only affect the price (with the numbers being up to three times higher than those on the local market) but the quality as well.

Photo of Bulgarian local food market

Local fruit and vegetable market in Bulgaria


In our article about the costs of fruits in Bulgaria, which you can access here, we already mentioned the outstanding difference between the quality of fruits in larger supermarket chains and the small local kiosk. The very same thing applies to vegetables. In most cases, vendors on the vegetable market are just the farmers and the original producers of the crops. They have handpicked the vegetables and personally delivered them to the market. The amount of care and attention put into growing the crops is one of the main reasons they are so rich in flavor and vitamins and nutrients. Usually, the locals grow limited amounts of both fruits and vegetables and are making absolutely sure they are grown in the right way.

Photo of Bulgarian peppers

Local peppers in Bulgaria


If you are having trouble finding the vegetable market in your Bulgarian resort does not hesitate and ask the locals straight away. They will be your best advisors since even they prefer the locally grown to the imported from the EU items. Even if there is not a specific “market”, they will give you directions to smaller local shops that might be just as good.

Photo of Bulgarian carrots

Carrots in Bulgaria


The interest to the food markets is quite large, mainly due to the serious difference in prices, but those of you who value the great quality, freshness and nutritional value will feel delighted with the large range of food options.


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Bulgarians take pride in their vegetable produce. We highly value the succulent Bulgarian tomatoes and Bulgarian cucumbers. So expect nothing less than that on the market: fresh, hand-picked, immaculate produce, most of which is home-grown. There has not been a single tourist that has tried Bulgarian vegetables and had not declared them “one of the best they have ever tasted”. Local vegetable markets are one of the key places for Bulgarians and are a major key to our culture. We are so keen on our cuisine that we always strive for the best ingredients.

Photo of Bulgarian carrots

Cucumbers in Bulgaria


If you are interested in trying some of the pink tomatoes, that sometimes reach about a kilogram for a piece, or the crunchy delicious cucumbers, head down to the local market of your Bulgarian holiday resort. If you are visiting Bulgaria in the peak of summer you are highly likely going to come across some more outstanding treats such as Bulgarian red peppers, Bulgarian eggplants, and Bulgarian zucchini. It is in the summer months that the vegetable market has the most to offer. The abundance of crops is just unbelievable.


Photo of Bulgarian roasted peppers

Roasted peppers in Bulgaria

Juicy peppers, ready to be roasted and combined with Bulgarian cheese and freshly baked bread, milky and velvety corn, that is just perfect for the barbecue. The mouth-watering tomatoes, the perfect ingredient for any salad. Almost every typical Bulgarian dish is based on these very ingredients. The lighter, suitable for the summer heats, dishes all include the juicy tomatoes and Bulgarian cheese. You should definitely try the delicious combination.


Prices of vegetables in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Local Vegetables Price of Bulgarian vegetables per kilo
Tomatoes 2.00 BGN
Cucumbers 1.90 BGN
Potatoes 1.00 BGN
Red Peppers 2.20 BGN
Carrots 0.90 BGN
Eggplant 1.80 BGN
Zucchini 1.50 BGN
Sweet corn 1.00 BGN
Broccoli 4.00 BGN
Mushrooms 3.40 BGN
Pumpkin 0.70 BGN
Green salad 0.80 BGN per pcs.
Spinach 2.00 BGN
Parsley 0.35 BGN
Dill 0.50 BGN
Basil 0.90 BGN
Green onions 0.90 BGN
Onion 1,20 BGN
Beans 2,60 BGN
Iceberg salad 2,70 BGN
Cabbage 0.60 BGN
Garlic 4.00 BGN
Green pepper 1,20 BGN
Beets 1,20 BGN


To add to the pleasure: these outstanding, fresh, home-grown, eco-grown vegetables come at surprisingly low prices. In the peak of the harvest, season tomatoes can cost between 0.80 to 2.00 Bulgarian leva per kilogram. The price quite depends on the type of tomato. The price of cucumbers in the peak of the season usually varies between 1.00 and 2.00 Bulgarian leva. Overall the prices on the local market are quite affordable.


Photo of homemade Bulgarian green salad

Homemade Bulgarian green salad

We would like to remind you one more time that the road-markets are yet another great way to supply yourself with fresh produce. Alongside the Bulgarian roads, you can often come across farmers selling their cabbage, corn, peppers, potatoes, carrots and even tomatoes and cucumbers. It is yet another great opportunity to enjoy the freshest of vegetables. Some tourists find it really interesting that most of those farmers actually sell their crops right next to the field where they have been growing them for the entire summer. This significantly reduces the price since there are no unnecessary transportation costs


Photo of homemade Bulgarian potatoes

Homemade Bulgarian potatoes


The vast variety of vegetables for sale in Bulgaria opens limitless opportunities for outstanding meals. Some of the best salads in Bulgaria contain the flavorsome pink tomatoes and roasted red peppers. The best dishes rely on the tickling taste of fresh caramelized onions or garlic. If you are not an expert on Bulgarian cuisine you might enjoy grilling the peppers, corn, carrots, eggplants, and zucchini as a side dish to a beautiful steak of fresh Bulgarian meat. Even without any strong flavoring, the grilled vegetables will be a great addition to any meal you prepare.

So take the opportunity while on your summer holiday in a rental holiday villa in Bulgarian and give these treasures a taste. You will definitely join the club of lovers of Bulgarian vegetables.


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