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9 July 2019

Villas for rent in Bryastovets, Sunny Beach area

Attention to detail, personal approach, and perfect maintenance – we’ve got it all! Here are some of the reasons why we are the best choice for your next holiday.

Why choose us for your next holiday.

Planning an entire family vacation can prove to be really complicated, especially if you are going to on a holiday in a country you have never visited before. If you have found yourself in that situation, you may consider giving us a chance to provide you with a smooth and perfect holiday experience.


Royal villas, Sunny beach area


We are a family run business – a company that provides the outstanding holiday opportunity of renting a private villa with a swimming pool in Bryastovets, Bulgaria. Our business is entirely run by members of our family and high-quality holiday experience is the main thing we strive for. We take great pride in the effort we put in maintaining all of the properties we have open for renting and sale.


Bryastovets is a charming little village in a peaceful rural area just outside of Burgas and very close to Sunny Beach. We have picked this outstanding place for our villas because it is both in close range to the Black sea coast and still far away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the popular resorts. This combination makes up for limitless opportunities: to enjoy the peacefulness of your villa, to take a hike in the nearby mountain or to get down to the beach for a swim. It has all of those chances at your disposal.


Personal care for our guests

All of the villas are newly built and are perfectly maintained. We also take care of the cleaning of both the pools and the garden. It is safe to say that we are executing all of those actions with great attention to detail, in order to provide you with a flawless holiday experience. Our main concern is the satisfaction of our guests so we are putting immense effort in the high-maintenance of the properties. We can offer a mid-stay cleaning as well, for those of you who are planning a longer stay in one of our villas.



But it is not just about cleaning. Our staff is eager to help you with anything they could. We would gladly give you a hand in any possible situation, we would give you advice and assistance related to any concerns you may have during your stay in our holiday private villas for rent in Bryastovets. We encourage you to ask us about all of the important topics such as exchange rates, proper places to exchange currency and legit taxi services. If you need help with transportation, once again it is best that you turn to us, since our company will provide you with the best services at a really reasonable price. Do not forget that we are here to assist you and be of service. Anything that you may need help with, we would gladly take care of.


You have the oportunity to choose from different type of holiday villas

There are different types of villas that you can choose from. Some of them are set in gated communities with shared swimming pool (Villa Rosa, Sunny Hills) and others are detached houses with private swimming pool and private garden. Make sure to check that out in the description of the villas on our website.


Sunny Hills Villas

Sunny Hills rental villas, Sunny beach area



Villa Rosa

Holiday villa Rosa, Sunny beach area

We have also bigger holiday villas that offer accommodation for 12 people – Royal Villas . Royal Villas consist of 2 villas in a private yard with beautiful landscaping and there own private swimming pool. They come with total 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Which is great if you are traveling with friends or in a larger group.

We are offering also other private villas with swimming pools – Knox and Linda.

All of our villas come with a large living room, perfect for family gatherings, relaxation, TV watching and much more as well as kitchen premises in each of the houses. It is important to note that the villas come fully furnished with all of the possible appliances included as well. In the kitchens, you can find a cooker, an oven, a microwave, a fridge, a freezer, a kettle, and a toaster. Most of the villas also come with a washing machine. So there is literally not a single thing that you will be missing on your holiday. There is also bed linen and towels conveniently prepared for your stay by our staff. All you need to do is come and submerge yourself in the outstanding atmosphere.


Villa Knox with private pool

Villa Knox with private pool, Sunny beach area



Villa Linda with private pool

Villa Linda with private pool, Sunny beach area



Royal Villas with private pool

Royal villas with private pool for 12 people, Sunny beach area


Our perfect accommodation conditions are not the only thing we offer. There is this unique spirit of the place, that really makes the experience unforgettable. Here, in Bryastovets, we have our very own tradition, as a sign of goodwill and hospitality, we hang the national flag of our guests right in front of their villas. It is a really small detail that really makes the guests happy and excited the moment they reach their villa. It is safe to say that these small gestures really make a huge difference in the entire holiday experience. We have guests come on a holiday from all over the world: Europe, USA, Canada, Iran, Dubai, Bahrein, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and Ukraine. No matter where our guests come from, all are extremely delighted and proud to see their national flag saluting them when they arrive.


We have guests from all around the world

Flags tradition with Bulgariavilla


This tradition really brings all of our guests together, creating that atmosphere of friendliness, delight, and appreciation of each other. Another amazing thing to lift up the spirits is “The song of Bryastovets”.



It is our very own creation that serves as something like an anthem of our villas. The cheerful tune tells the story of all of the amazing things you can experience while on the holiday villas in Bryastovets. The attention to detail, the love we put in everything we do and the desire to provide a better holiday experience each year really seems to find its ground amongst our guests. There is this outstanding feeling of community spirit, friendliness, and appreciation that is so typical about the holiday villas in Bryastovets, Bulgaria. All of those small details really fascinate everyone that comes to us and allows them to join our large family of satisfied guests, that come back the next summer simply because they fell in love with the place and the personal attention they receive here.


Our appreciation and respect for every customer don’t go unnoticed. People are so satisfied with the service here that they come back each year. Some of them really take into the next level and purchase a villa simply because the magnificent place has really impressed them so much. Every year hundreds of people use the booking platform in our site to book their stay in Bulgaria. It is important to notice that we are running the booking services on our own. Unlike most of the hotels in Bulgaria, we take care of booking entirely by ourselves. So there is no place for mistakes and confusion when it comes to booking. The convenient platform on our site makes it a lot easier for customers to check the availability of certain properties and find the perfect timing for their stay. From then on, they communicate directly with our hardworking and friendly staff that is eager to help in any possible way. Any special questions or requests will be taken into consideration with immense precision. In order to provide our guests with the smoothest experience, we also offer the cheapest possible transportation from and to the airport. All you need is to visit our site and get in touch with us. We are gladly going to clear all of your questions out.

So if we have managed to impress you and you feel as if this is just the holiday experience you might need, quickly get into the booking menu and prepare yourself for your next holiday in the outstanding villas for rent with a private swimming pool in Bryastovets. We are looking forward to meeting you this summer.




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