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26 February 2020

Holiday villa to buy in Bulgaria


After Bulgaria has officially become a part of the European Union back in 2007 the interest of EU citizens towards Bulgaria as a possible travel destination has grown impressively much. Most tourists that flock from all over Europe spend their holidays on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There is also a growing tendency that families rent a private villa with a swimming pool for their holidays. Staying in a rental house or villa is actually the newest and most preferred way of spending the family holiday. This has proven to be an outstanding way to spend the much-awaited vacation.


 Holiday villa in Sunny Hills , Bulgaria


Mostly it is due to the fact that tourists get to enjoy not only the villas but also the perfect amenities that surround them. The swimming pool; the barbeque, and the playground really make up for an amazing experience. It is the perfect spot for a family vacation because children can have all the fun they want on the premises safely and securely under the protection and control of their families. This is a good opportunity for both children and adults to spend most of their time doing things they enjoy and still be safe in the environment.



It seems that our villas for rent in Bryastovets are quickly becoming a tourist favorite since some of our guests have already shown great interest in acquiring one of those villas. So the greater parts of the properties we have sold so far are now owned by people who came to Bulgaria on a holiday. Now they are owners of a great place that offers comfort, peace, and safety. The main reason why people buy our villas is that they and their children fall in love with the place at the very first glance. Some of the youngsters get so attached to this beautiful place, that they are eager to spend their entire summer, and the ones to come, in Bulgaria.

Family Holiday Villas with pool near Sunny Beach

 Family holiday villa in Sunny Hills , Bulgaria


If you are part of those who want to purchase one of our outstanding villas, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together a full and detailed description of the properties we have for sale and the conditions you must meet in order to become an owner of one of those exquisite houses.

It is a good idea to start with the location of the villas. They are located in the beautiful and peaceful village of Bryastovets (about 12 km away from Burgas airport).


 Holiday villa near Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


It is within short driving distance of the seacoast so you can enjoy long, sunny days on the beach just as well as the days around the pool. The villas are really close to resorts like Sunny Beach, Nessebar, and Burgas (only 15 min drive). What really makes this location better than any resort is the close proximity to the Balkan mountain. The place is great for those of you who want to spend their holiday in a quiet and peaceful environment. Also, the atmosphere that the Balkan offers and the stunning panoramas are just the things you might need if you are looking for serenity and peace of mind. This is probably the main advantage of the villa complex. It is both close to the sea but still as peaceful and safe as it can get. The crowds and noise of the major resorts will be none of your concern if you choose to spend your holidays in Bryastovets.



This really makes the place suitable for families with children who seek the perfect holiday spot. But in all honesty, the villas we have on offer for you will appeal to just anyone. All of the villas are detached, which means you will have all the privacy and freedom you can possibly need. The villas come with a shared swimming pool. You are guaranteed to have a relaxing time near the pool and your children are going to love the chance to jump in the water every now and then. And the pool can prove to be actually quite useful when you are too lazy to drive down to the beach. After all, the holidays are made for relaxation not only for driving. Then in such cases, the swimming pool will be your best friend and a good way to deal with the summer heat while sunbathing. There are also barbeques and playgrounds available on the premises. Those great additions actually really make the villas perfect. There is nothing better than a nice barbeque dinner on the specially designed venues, underneath the summer night sky while your children play and have the time of their lives within seeing distance. If there is paradise on Earth, then this place sure seems like it.

Great for families with children

 Holiday villa near Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


 Holiday villa near Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


Once again we would like to drive your attention to the excellent location of the properties. They are situated in the purest of nature, the fresh air and the proximity to the sea are only two great additions to the overall perfect location. What we offer is a family-friendly, clean, peaceful and exquisite alternative to a holiday. Purchasing one of our villas will grant you amazing holiday experiences for life. No need to worry, no need to book anything, just come back to your beautiful summer home in Bulgaria.

What we really take great pride in is the excellent maintenance of the houses. They are all newly built and come with everything you may possibly need. The houses are one-storied. They have 3 bedrooms and offer comfortable accommodation for around 6 – 7 people. The houses come with family bathrooms. The villas come with a large living room, perfect for family gatherings, relaxation, TV watching and much more as well as kitchen premises in each of the houses.

BBQ area and children playground

 Holiday villa near Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


It all depends however on what is the villa you have set on purchasing. The options are quite a few. But one thing for sure: you will never make a better deal in your life. All the villas are situated in Sunny Hills Villas complex. All you need to do is find the perfect place for you and contact the staff of the villas. They will make sure you find out everything about the property you have set your eyes on. We will be glad to help you acquire your very own holiday villa in Bulgaria.

Sunny Hills Villas Complex

 Holiday villa near Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


Once you’ve picked your dream holiday home in Bulgaria, all you need to do is seal the deal. That can be done with the help of a notary. And if you are a citizen of the EU the entire procedure should be easy and smooth and you will find yourself an owner of a holiday villa in one of the most beautiful regions of Bulgaria in no time.

The truly outstanding and important fact is that those villas are a family-run business, the owners have shown immense attention to detail and have made sure that those villas meet the European quality standards. So much thought has been put into the creation of those villa complexes that they have turned out to be the most outstanding, ultimate accommodations. You will really be lucky if you become the owner of a piece of that treasure.





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