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6 November 2018

Short review of our villas

Villas in Bulgaria

Sunny Hills Villas

Renting a villa in Bulgaria

Once you have decided that you will be spending your summer holiday in Bulgaria you are faced with the question where exactly to book your holiday villa.
While holiday rentals were quite uncommon in Bulgaria in the past, there are now many privately owned properties being offered for rent across the whole country and mainly on the Black sea coast.

Villa Knox

Where to rent a villa in Bulgaria

It is very unlikely that you find a holiday villa in Bulgaria that is in a walking distance to the beach. By walking distance is meant 500 to 1000 meters, this about 7 to 15 minutes walk in sun. This is simply because the land next to sea is extremely expensive. The coast line of Bulgaria has a length of only about 300km (in contradistinction to Greece where it is 16 000 km long). That is why there have been built almost only apartment buildings in the sea resorts of Bulgaria – mainly in Sunny Beach together with the surrounding places, like Nessebar, Ravda, Aheloy, etc. Detached villas in are rare in those places and and there is almost no point to look for a villa there. You would have more luck finding an apartment there – the supply is vast, but the quality might not be what you are looking for. Sunny beach and Nessebar are noisy places where the party goes 24h a day outside and inside, and sleeping at night is sometimes simply not possible. We don’t say these places are bad it is more a word of warning. If you consider renting an apartment in Bulgaria contact the owner and ask for contacts of previous guests. There is nothing better that the live chat with someone who has been there.

Coast line Bulgaria

The coast line of Bulgaria has a length of only about 300km

A few kilometers away from the coast it gets much better and the number of villas being offered for rent is larger and there is plenty of choice for the holidaymaker. Villas to rent are to be found mainly inside of villages along the Bulgarian Black sea coast. From the north of Varna to the south of Bourgas. You will find private villas with or without swimming pool, from 4 to 60 kilometers away from the sea. Detached, semi-detached, terraced, in a development, in a filed in the middle of nowhere even in a whole brand new built small town. There is something for anybody as we say in Bulgaria.

All villas that you find on are run, managed and maintained by our family company. They are set in the small and quiet village of Bryastovets, about 20km from the city of Bourgas and about 25 km away from Sunny Beach and the Black sea. We own some of the villas on the website and we manage the others, but you can be sure that you will find top quality holiday villas here only. What is important for you is that we care for all villas as if they are our own. We want you to have a great holiday with your family in Bulgaria and consequietly book with is again. In the main season we are present 24h a day in Bryastovets and you can rely on our help.

Review of our villas

In case you have already made your choice to be our guests and this is your first booking with us then this general information about our holiday villas – Royal Villas, Sunny Hills Villas or Green Life Villas will help you find the villa that will suit you best.

Royal Villas

Royal VillasThese two brand new villas are sharing a private swimming pool and a BBQ. The plot is big enough to ensure you privacy and also you will have a direct view to your children especially when they are in the pool or at the kids’ playground. The BBQ provides enough space and you may prepare your steaks on the grill there without disturbing the other party.
Although the villas are offered to sleep six they could accommodate up to 8 people if there are some small children in the group. These villas will suit best if rented simultaneously by two friendly families or parties. This would is the perfect holiday facility – it offers privacy & comfort for you desired holiday in Bulgaria.

Green Life Villas

Green Life VillasGreen Life Villas is a holiday community of four detached villas: Villa Diana, Villa Rosa, Villa Wilko and the owners villa, with a well sized swimming pool and a BBQ but note the fact only two of the villas are offered for rent at this stage. Both villa complexes – Royal Villas and Green Life Villas are 10 m distance from one another only separated by a street. Have this in mind if your group is larger and take the possibility to rent villas in both complexes.

Sunny Hills Villas

Sunny Hills VillasSunny Hills Villas – our biggest villa complex consisting of 16 villas. They occupy the area of 10 000 sq.m. and once you are here you may feel like being in a closed park area amid lots of greenery, fresh air, peace and birds’ warbling. Although there are 16 villas on site no more then 8-10 villas are being rented at the same time so the capacity of this complex never exceed 8-10 families besides the site is big enough to provide privacy. There are five different entrances from the street to the villas which comfort the tenants.
The two BBQs are quite big and very comfortable for outside eating. The swimming pool is large enough with crystal clean water and it is a great pleasure to swim and to chill in during the summer heat.
Kids’ playground is in close proximity to both the swimming pool and the BBQ thus you will be able take a look at the children while you are swimming or having a beer at the BBQ.
The minigolgolf fans are very welcome because there is a 9-hole minigolf course in Sunny Hills Villas and you will have the opportunity to play your favorite game during your holiday here.
There are some minigolf courses in Sunny Beach but they are being used from all holidaymakers not only in Sunny Beach but from the whole area around so they are always very busy.
Here, in Sunny Hills Villas you may relax and play golf with friends away from the crowds.

Villa Linda

Apart from the above mentioned villa complexes we offer to your attention a detached two storey villa with a pool for rent if you prefer being on your own. You may see the details about Villa Linda on our web-site.

Villa Knox

Newly built 3-bedroom detached villa for Rent in the beautiful village of Bryastovets (Bourgas, Bulgaria). This fantastic villa is situated a short drive from the sea in the village of Bryastovets, Bourgas, Black sea coast, Bulgaria. Villa Knox enjoys a very peaceful and secluded location with views onto sea and the city of Bourgas.
The villa is featuring three double bedrooms: one master bedroom with en-suite toilet/shower, a second double bedroom and a twin bedroom with two single beds. There s a second shared WC/Shower room and a well sized living room with an open plan kitchen. All bedrooms are decorated in light colors with stylish furniture to provide more comfort and privacy.

Villa Sanaan

Villa Sanaan is a traditional Bulgarian country house, very suitable for large groups or families. The house is renovated to be an environmentally friendly home and the essence is the freedom to explore without boundaries. Situated on the hillside overlooking the Bourgas bay with sea and mountain views, and near to the sandy beaches of Sunny Beach, at the top of the hill yet minutes from the village center of Izvorishte,

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