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17 September 2019

Should I get travel insurance ?

One of the most important things you should consider before visiting a foreign country is insurance. Not just health insurance but all different types of travel insurances as well. If you are planning your trip to Bulgaria – there is the one really important thing you better keep in mind. It is advisable to have travel insurance.


travel insurance in Bulgaria


What to expect from your travel insurance in Bulgaria

Most tourists assume that since they have health insurance back at home they are going to have all their medical needs covered for free or at a very low price in Bulgaria as well. In fact, this is not exactly the case in Bulgaria, and that is the very reason why we strongly recommend you consider getting medical insurance beforehand. Even tourists that come from the EU need to have some medical insurance in order to receive quality medical care and not to worry about the price. In case you come to the country uninsured, you risk having to pay ridiculously huge medical bills for simple hospital procedures.


Remember: In Bulgaria, healthcare for foreigners comes at a very different price than that for Bulgarian citizens. And the health benefits from your home country do not apply to the Bulgarian system. That’s why we believe some that considering travel insurance that covers both health and travel expenses is a great idea.


travel insurance in Bulgaria

Usually, some tourists that come from the EU assume that they can use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC should let you receive emergency and necessary treatment but this is only possible in establishments that have a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund. If you are planning to use EHIC make sure you are being taken to such establishment, otherwise you might need to pay some large fees for medical treatment. Usually having an EHIC is a great idea if you are visiting a country from the EU for a short period of time. But having such a card does not guarantee that you will receive medical cares of a reasonable price. It is a good idea to carry your EHIC, if you already have one, on your trip to Bulgaria. But if you are planning on issuing one just for that trip, we advise you to look for another option. First of all, the process of acquiring such a card is really lengthy and time-consuming. It may take months to get a hold of such a document. And the worst part is that you can never be sure that the EHIC will be enough to cover your expenses.

That is why we believe simple travel insurance will save you both time and worries. One of the main important pros of making a short-term travel insurance is that it does not cover only the health matter. It also covers all the different problems you may come across while traveling, such as airline failures, missed flights, legal expenses of every sort, lost luggage, repatriation and much more. It is an overall great deal.



There are different varieties of insurances that may suit all of your needs. But the most important aspect is that your health needs will all be covered. Each one of the options available for tourists covers all medical costs – those due to illness or accident, hospital expenses, surgical expenses, emergency medical care, dental care, etc.


travel insurance in Bulgaria

If you rely on such insurance, it is a lot easier to receive quality medical care in case of an emergency. There are two possible ways you can go if you need emergency medical help. First, you can call the Bulgarian hotline number (112) and explain the case. Soon after a medical crew will be sent and they will take over the case. It is good to remember that the hotline staff speaks English but not all of the hospital staff do.

After you have received medical help you have 24 hours to contact your insurance provider and explain the situation, as well as sort out the documents and cover the care needed. This can be done by phone, hotline, e-mail or even the post. It is important that the insurance provider knows what happened and even the smallest of detail. You also should be able to provide the number of your insurance policy, the name, and date of birth of the insured, in case someone needs the information.

If you decide to take the other possible way out – you can first call the insurance company and tell them about the emergency situation. They would let you know where the nearest health establishment that would accept your insurance is. This, of course, is not a good idea if the case is really urgent.


travel insurance in Bulgaria

There are different types of policies – some of them require that you pay on the spot, keep the documentation and demand the refund when you go back home. It is probably the worst option. So you might want to make sure the insurance company you choose pays directly to the hospital. It is just a small detail but having to keep all of the medical documentation, bring it back home, visit the insurance company and then await the refund seems likes a lengthy and complicated thing to do. It is good to check that beforehand, as well as the opportunities for an emergency flight back home in case it is needed. Some companies cover the flight expenses and some don’t. Read the contract really carefully.

Most tourists do not know what to expect when it comes to medical care in Bulgaria. Overall there is some great specialist that will help you through your recovery process. Sometimes the staff does not speak proper English, or any English at all, which seems to be the greatest problem with receiving emergency help while on your vacation in Bulgaria. The staff of the private hospitals, on the other hand, covered these requirements

It is important to remember that there are state-run and private health establishments. Most of the private ones do not accept EHIC. But they will definitely accept payment from your insurance company. So getting insurance is just another way to stay safe on your journey.


travel insurance in Bulgaria

Some tourists decide to travel uninsured because they believe it is going to cost a lot. Well, this is not exactly the case. There are numerous insurance companies that offer different short-term travel opportunities. You can craft your custom travel insurance, that will best suit your needs. The prices vary from around 15 to 50 Euros. It quite depends on the length of the stay you are planning on, but insurance is always a good idea.

Overall getting such travel insurance is a great idea not only because it covers all of the health expenses but because it covers all sorts of different unpleasant events that might happen during your holiday or trip. It is extremely important that your insurance covers the health aspects: (emergency treatment, the travel back home – if the emergency required a longer than the planned stay in the country, additional transportation, dental procedures, the assistance of any sort). But it is also of huge importance that your luggage and personal belongings are secure.

Most companies offer the opportunity to secure your luggage. In the case of lost luggage or damaged luggage, you are going to receive the payment that should cover your loss. Just as any other insurance those payments cover only a certain financial portion. And this depends only on the type of insurance you have purchased.

Personal liability is another great addition to any travel insurance. It is especially important if you plan on using rent-a-cars and driving in Bulgaria. The main idea of this extra insurance is that in case you cause some damage to a property or a person, the insurance company will cover most of the expenses or even all of them.

The importance of insurance is doubtless. We strongly advise all of our guests to come prepared for any possible situation, because in case of an emergency those 20 Euros you spent for family insurance may turn out to be the best money you have ever spent.

Stay safe on your journeys!




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