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27 June 2019

Holiday villa with pool vs Hotel room

In recent years the new and unique opportunity to stay in a private villa with a swimming pool has grown in popularity. More and more people chose that new alternative instead of the classic hotels and resorts. Why is that?

What is better: A hotel or a private villa for rent?

For the sake of the good evaluation, we are going to look into some of the most important features of a resort to make up for a good holiday and figure out how holiday villas got so popular.


rental villa with pool in Bulgaria


Generally, airports have those strict baggage allowances that you should really keep in mind. Anyone that has ever been on a plane knows they must keep track of the weight and dimensions of their suitcases. We have put together some of the most common and important things you need to remember when packing your luggage.



Location of your holiday villa in Bulgaria

The good location of the place you have chosen for your stay is one of the most important elements that make up for the good resort and the entire experience. It is true that some of the hotels on the Bulgarian seaside are located in peaceful resorts but most are situated in crowded areas. If you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil experience you may find the hotels too noisy, too crowded or even too busy.

And this is where the private holiday villas for rent come to play. Most of them are situated in villages like Bryastovets, Sunny Beach. That is in one of the calmest, rural areas in the country. If you are looking for some serenity, calmness, extremely clean fresh air, peace, and quiet, then you are definitely going to prefer the villas for rent. The best part about the villas is that you can choose the villa you want to stay in. There are different options on offer, and you can choose the living environment that suits your needs the best. Which is another advantage, since in a hotel you do not really get a lot of options to pick a room, mostly because they are all the same.


Private villa with swimmingpool in Bryastovets, Bulgaria

private villa with pool in Bulgaria


Family friendliness

Another key feature of a resort is its family friendliness. We all can agree that a hotel is not necessarily the best place for a family vacation with the kids. First of all, children love running around and playing outdoors. Most of the hotels are perfectly safe for children, but they do not offer that chance to feel free to walk around, play around and have fun. On the other hand, parents always have to be on the alert, since different dangers come with children being forced to play in small premises. To top it off, small hotel rooms are not really the most suitable alternative for a family holiday. No one likes being crammed into a room with all their siblings and both their parents.


Family rental villa in Bulgaria


Taking another look at the holiday villas for rent – it is evident that an entire house can supply all of the family members with the much-needed freedom and a good place to rest. With the separate spacious and comfortable bedrooms, all of the family members would get the privacy and freedom they desire. But there is yet another major advantage to the holiday villas. There are huge premises that are absolutely safe for children to play, run around and explore. It would be a better alternative to the parents as well since outside in the open they can keep an eye on their children easily and never worry that they are running up and down a hotel full of strangers.



 rental villa in Bulgaria

It is true that hotels offer some awesome options such as spa, fitness and room service. And it is one of the main advantages of those establishments. They have put all of the much-needed amenities in the very same place. Making it easily accessible and affordable to spend some time in relaxation or really fierce workout.

But villas offer a slightly different type of amenities, that will appeal to most of you just as much as the spa and workout. The villas come with a pool. It can be private or shared with the guests of some of the other houses. But that is not all. There are designated areas, on the premises, that is perfect for barbequing, relaxation and rest. Most of the villas also come with a patio where you can just sit down with a good book and relax in a peaceful atmosphere.


Grill your own meals

 rental villa in Bulgaria

In this category, the villa and the hotel offer two quite different possibilities. But what is of true importance: anyone that has chosen the villa as their accommodation can just travel to Burgas, Sunny beach or any other near resort and enjoy the spa and fitness, in case they miss it. While hotel guests cannot find a place that offers such a great touch to nature and to the modern amenities (pools, outstanding housing conditions, etc.)



There are only so many things one can do in a hotel – swim, enjoy the spa and fitness and eat. That pretty much wraps it all up. While on your vacation in a private villa with pool in Bryastovets, Sunny Beach you are supplied with an abundance of different possibilities.

Being close to nature is really a great chance to go for a hike and enjoy the outstanding Bulgarian nature, to explore new species and admire some natural sites that are absolutely unique. Bryastovets is actually situated quite close to some of the most interesting historical sites in the entire region, that date back to ancient Greece and Byzantine. Those sites offer great opportunities for a hike.

 rental villa with pool in Bulgaria

The diverse activities that can be pursued in the region are thoroughly described as another of our articles (link here). But just to give you a quick idea – some of the most outstanding things to do in the region include horseback riding in the nature, fishing on some of the most beautiful water vessels in the country, birdwatching, water sports of any kind (surfing, kayaking), hiking in the nature and much more.


Home-like feeling

 rental villa with pool in Bulgaria

In all honesty, every hotel room feels a bit distant, not home-like and cold. There are this neutral feeling and lack of any soul. It is really a mood-killer for many tourists once they set foot in those establishments.

With the holiday villas for rent, there is no such issue. All of the villas have their very own and distinct charm. And they can really supply you with that home-like feeling since they offer not only 3 well-maintained bedrooms. But also a small kitchen and a living room with a TV. After all, the kitchen and the living room are the heart of every household. The presence of such vital amenities really helps the tourists ease-off and feel at peace and literally at home. There is no greater pleasure than this heartwarming feeling of peace and serenity that only a home can give you.

So if you are really tired of all those cold and uninviting hotel rooms, then you are definitely going to love the homey feeling in the private villas with a swimming pool for rent in Bryastovets, Bulgaria



Quick and easy booking on

Being a foreigner, coming to a completely new country means that you are about to do all of your booking and preparations for the holiday entirely on the internet. Most Bulgarian hotels do not really support a good booking system and prefer to use different portals for booking. That creates some confusion and sometimes even great issues.

On the other hand, our private villas for rent come with our very own booking system that is maintained and supported by us solely. There is no change that your booking gets mistaken or simply disappears from our records. Thanks to our system, you can check for free holiday periods for each of the villas and find the right place and time for you. Once you’ve figured out when and where you would like to stay. Then all you need to do is book the say. You are going to communicate with our staff that will make sure everything with your holiday goes according to plan. It is just as simple as it gets. No confusion, no mistakes. Simply flawless.


Friendly and helpful staff

One of the greatest assets of the holiday villas for rent is that we are a family run business and we put our heart and soul into what we do. We like to spend our time supplying our guests with the best personalized holiday experience. We put extra thought into each and every one of our guests and we would be beyond happy to answer all of your questions about events, places you can visit and the best possible taxi and exchange companies.

Our main goal is to provide you with the greatest, safest and most pleasant holiday experience. We take great pride in the well-maintenance of the houses we offer and the friendliness and helpfulness of our staff.
This cannot really be said about hotels. Since they offer standard services with little interest in the different guests and the personal needs of the individuals.



 rental villa with pool in Bulgaria

Privacy is always really important, and while hotels are mostly noisy and you can overhear conversations from other rooms, or people walking down the hallway. There is no such thing on the holiday villas we offer for rent. Since they are absolutely separate, not attached to anything, you are absolutely the master of your privacy.

There will be no one but your family around. And you will be able to indulge in all of your favorite family activities without the fear that you might be bothering someone of the fear that someone might bother you.

Some of our villas come with a private swimming pool, that really makes the entire privacy thing even better. You can relax around the pool on your own, getting your peace of mind and relaxing without anyone else bothering you and ruining that perfect moment of calmness and quiet for you.


Easy shopping

The main advantage of the holiday villas in Bryastovets is that they are away from the busy, noisy and crowded streets of the popular resorts. Which means that they are also away from the shops. But fear not! There are many shops that are within close reach. One of them is Lidl where you can find literally anything you are going to need (some ice-cold beers and something to throw on the charcoal grill).

The holiday villas may be further away from the shopping centers but it normally takes only about 15 minutes to reach Burgas or Sunny beach and all of the shopping malls, little stores, and different retail possibilities. So it is not even that big of a deal anyways.


Be close to nature

This is not something that a hotel offers in most of the cases. But our rental villas do! There is nothing better than to experience nature in its finest – clean, fresh air, beautiful sceneries, the scent of freshly cut grass and the chirps of birds in the nearby trees. That is definitely something a hotel can’t offer but that really makes the holiday experience stand out from any other.


Red sunset in Green Life villas

 rental villa with pool in Bulgaria


After all the main point of a holiday is to get good rest and relax, not get stressed by crowds and noise in general. The best way to get the well-deserved rest you need is by choosing our holiday villas for your next vacation destination.


With the growing tendency that people get back to their roots and the desire to experience a closer connection to nature, there all chances that this interesting destination – holiday villas for rent in Bryastovets, Bulgaria- is going to become an even more popular destination amongst tourists than it already is. So do not hesitate and book your stay with us. It is going to be memorable.



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