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19 April 2019

Bulgarian famous “hidden” beaches

You sure have heard about Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, two of the most famous Bulgarian resorts and their amazing beaches. But it turns out that in Bulgaria you can enjoy some of the most beautiful, unspoiled, pristine beaches in the world. They are perfect if you want to enjoy a peaceful day at the beach.

Bulgaria’s outstanding secret beaches


Bulgarian famous beaches


Usually, those beaches are referred to as the best kept Bulgarian secret, but today we are about to reveal those outstanding places so you can visit them on your next trip to Bulgaria. Some of them are situated really close to the rental private villas with a swimming pool in Bryastovets and some are further away from Bryastovets or Burgas in general. But no matter where those secluded, untouched beaches are, they are a must-visit for anyone who wants to spend a relaxing and pleasant day amongst one of the most beautiful Bulgarian natural sites.


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1. Coral beach

Cape Kaliakra Bulgaria


One of the most unspoiled beaches on the Bulgarian seaside is definitely Coral Beach. If you plan on going there you should keep in mind several important things.

First of all, there are no facilities like umbrellas and sunbeds at all so you may as well consider bringing your own. It is a completely virgin nature. As you have probably already guessed there is no lifeguard on duty nearby. And any little restaurants or shops are really hard, if not impossible, to come by. So maybe bring some snacks and a few bottles of water with you, just in case.

As you will probably figure out by the end of this article, the only way to reach most of those secluded pristine beaches is by car, and that is not the hardest part of the way there. Since the roads that lead to them are usually bumpy, not maintained and are considered an off-road experience.

Coral makes no exception. The road that leads to the beach is really rough but believe me, the crystal clear water and the incredibly pure and are worth the adventure.


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2. Irakli beach

Irakli beach Bulgaria


Irakli is a beach that is just about 40 km away from Burgas and is considered one of the purest and untouched beaches on the Bulgarian seaside. It is situated in a protected area designed to preserve the wild birds and nature in the region. So you can really expect to find yourselves in the most virgin of nature. Just a warning – the road that leads to the beach is probably the worst you’ve ever seen and it is really a hard task to reach the final destination, but all that struggle will pay off once you set foot on the most beautiful Bulgarian beach.

Irakli is a really popular spot among Bulgarians. People flock there from all over the country and some of them even spend the entire summer camping there. Unlike most of the other beaches on this list, you are likely going to meet a lot of people here, especially if you decide you want to spend July morning in the area. Irakli is one of the most famous July-morning spots in the country and it gets really crowded at that time of the year.

But no matter how many people are there, Irakli still remains one of the most peaceful places on the Bulgarian seaside. You can spend some amazing days enjoying the pristine waters and immaculate sand there.


3. Shkorpilovtsi beach

Shkorpilovtsi beach Bulgaria


With the stunning length of 10km’s Shkorpilovtsi is considered the longest beach in Bulgaria. There is a village, bearing the same name as the beach, on the southern side of the long coastline. Naturally, there is a bit more crowded, but as you go down the beautiful coastline you will soon notice that people get fewer and fewer with every meter that you’ve passed.

So if you are looking for seclusion, you are guaranteed to love Shkorpilovtsi. Bear in mind that this beach is secluded and there is no lifeguard on duty almost anywhere on the extremely long, stretching coastline. So you better approach the water with caution especially if you are not a skilled swimmer.

If you prefer taking a walk down the beach, you are in for an outstanding experience! With the forest on one side and the clear blue water on the other, you are guaranteed to enjoy numerous sceneries that change every other kilometer thus supplying you with that marvelous feeling of inner peace and appreciation of the beauty of nature.


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4. Bolata beach

Bolata beach Bulgaria


The next site has recently made its name famous as one of the most beautiful bays in the entire world. Bolata Bay is an extremely popular destination, but it gets really packed up with people only on weekends. So if you consider visiting this breathtaking place, do it during the week.

Once again you should really keep in mind the fact that the road that leads you there is bumpy, not maintained and an overall nightmare. But that is one of the side effects of virgin, untouched nature. No matter how scary the way there sounds, you really should gather the courage and check the place out. It is perfect for anyone. If you are looking for a quiet and calm day on the beach, you are guaranteed to get your well-deserved rest here.

If you have come with your family, you would be pleased to find out that the water here, as well as being as clear as you can imagine, is also really shallow, which makes it the perfect place to take your children.

An important reminder is to take your umbrellas and beach towels with you since there are no facilities on the premises at all. There is also no lifeguard and places to grab a portion of food or a drink. If you want to enjoy the day at Bolata Bay do bring some water and snacks for you and your companions and don’t forget to take photos of the astonishing nature that surrounds you.


5. Kamchia beach

Kamchia Beach Bulgaria


Kamchia Beach is situated near the resort with the same name. So here you should really expect to come across a lot more people than in any of the previous spots. There is a good chance, however, if you take a walk away from the resort to reach the secluded and really picturesque parts of the beach.

The real beauty of this place comes from the clash between forest and water right at the mouth of the Kamchia river, which makes its way down across to the sea. The intriguing mix of forest wildlife and beautiful sceneries makes up for a good opportunity to take a long float with a boat down the Kamchia river and explore the interesting sites it has to offer. A piece of small advice you anyone willing to explore the river lands – bring a mosquito repellent with you!

One last piece of advice – be especially careful if you are with your family. Under no condition should anyone swim in the river and always be a little cautious since there is no lifeguard on duty.


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6. Kara Dere beach

Kara dere beach Bulgaria


Another example of the beauty of Bulgarian nature is the untouched beach of Kara Dere. It is located near the town of Byala and is loved by anyone who seeks peace, serenity, and quiet.

The beach is absolutely virgin, there are no signs of development anywhere. Which once again means that you better bring along your own umbrellas, beach towels, water, and food supplies. The beach is really secluded and will really help you take your mind off anything and let you relax. It is usually really quiet during the day but evenings are a completely different story. Many youngsters gather day and set off campfires. And naturally, they indulge themselves in singing and playing the guitar. It creates a really romantic atmosphere.


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7. Arapya

Arapya beach Bulgaria


This is probably the first easily-accessible virgin beach in the list. Arapya beach is situated right aside the road from Kiten to Primorsko. You can’t really miss the huge extent of virgin, untouched sandy beach that stretches along your way. All you need to do is find a suitable place to stop your vehicle and walk down to the beach. Easy as it is.

Arapya Beach is famous for its really fine golden sand that makes walking on the beach an extreme pleasure. And as you have already probably guessed it is lacking in lifeguards and facilities in general.

It is really the perfect spot for sunbathing and a swim in the clear blue waters on the Black Sea. An overall fascinating experience. But unfortunately, there is one huge downside to the entire thing. You can’t really enjoy privacy since everyone passing down the road is able to see your every move. But if you put up with that little issue you are likely going to spend an unforgettable day by the beach.


8. Butamyata

Butamyata beach Bulgaria


The beautiful cliffs, surrounding Butamyata beach really make this place look so majestic and out of the ordinary. It is one of the calmest places down the Bulgarian seacoast.

Unlike most of the other secluded and untouched beaches, in the far end of the beach, you can find an amazing beach bar that will supply you with and drinks and maybe even foods you might need. So what is left to you are the umbrellas and towels. Bring them along and spend an outstanding day enjoying the beautiful and diverse Bulgarian nature.


9. Lipite Beach

Lipite beach Bulgaria


Lipite Beach is just a few kilometers down Butamyata beach. Which does not necessarily mean that it is an easily accessible place. In fact, it’s quite a hard task reaching it but it is totally worth all the effort.

If you are looking for a private, peaceful experience, then you are most likely going to find it on that exact spot. Since it is really secluded it is usually visited by very few people. You are guaranteed to find your inner peace of mind here. Even though it is cliché already, we must warn you that there are no lifeguards or facilities, so you better not forget your umbrellas. Since it is completely deserted you are not likely going to find any source of food and drink as well.

The beach is situated between the breathtaking cliffs on one side, the sparkling blue water on another, the fine golden sand and the enormous oak forest. Overall you are surrounded by the best of Bulgarian nature. Do not miss the chance to enjoy this outstanding place.


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10. Silistar

Silistar beach Bulgaria


The last beach in our list is probably the one that has the most to offer both in terms of facilities and in terms of staggering natural beauty.

Silistar beach offers all of the much-needed facilities such as showers, changing spots and a lifeguard. You needn’t bring your own umbrella as well since there are some options available. There is even a small beach bar to supply you with anything you may possibly need.

It may seem as if this beach is not secluded or untouched enough to match the rest in this list, but in fact, it is really a deserted place most of the time. Not many people go there, especially in the week. During weekends it gets a little bit busier but still, it is a really calm and secluded place since the road that leads to the beach is once again a really hard one to overcome.

The beach is surrounded by a huge, beautiful forest which is part of a nature reserve. So anything there is as pure and beautiful as it can possibly be.



The beaches in this list are not so far away from the amenities of our holiday rental villas with a swimming pool in Bulgaria or from holiday rental apartments in Burgas. They offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the virgin nature, to experience peace and serenity like never before and to get the best suntan ever. Adventurers among you will really consider those places an outstanding opportunity to go camping in the wild.



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