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24 April 2019

Bulgarian Black Sea info

If you are planning your holiday in Bulgaria odds are that you are going to head to the coast. Here is some more information about the beautiful Bulgarian coast and what to expect.


The Black Sea is a genuinely large water vessel that connects Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Georgia.


Black sea map


It is a favorite tourist destination in all of those countries. But today our scope is focused on the Bulgarian Sea Coast and what to expect when you book your holiday in a rental villa with a swimming pool in Bryastovets, Sunny Beach or in a holiday apartment in Burgas. In just a few words – the Bulgarian coast has an abundance of things to offer: ranging from inexpensive accommodation, delicious cuisine, fresh immaculate seafood, pristine virgin beaches, golden sand, historical sites.


The first thing that sparks in your mind when you hear a Bulgarian seaside resort is Sunny Beach. But do not be misled by the name of the particular resort – this easily implies the entire Bulgarian coast. The outstanding golden beaches occupy about 130km of the 380 km long coastline. Tourists simply love the fine, warm, sparkling golden sand that covers most of the beaches in the country. Walking bare-feet down the sea, the sand gently sliding underneath you, there is no greater pleasure than that, not only for tourists but for locals as well. Yes! You can walk bare-feet on the Bulgarian beaches. Unlike many of the resorts in the west, Bulgarian beaches offer that opportunity. Beaches are so clear and so safe that there is no need for a pair of protective shoes, that are so often needed in other places. Children enjoy picking some shells along the beach. They are just gentle and beautiful as the sand.


Book your holiday villa in Bulgaria


The sand is not the only feature of nature that attracts tourists to Bulgaria each year. The crystal-clear, pristine waters on the Black Sea really make up for a good swimming experience. It is the perfect place to find some relief from the hot Bulgarian weather. Normally the temperature of the water in the summer circulates around 30 degrees. There is that interesting fact that the water tends to stay warm throughout the night and it is often warmer than the fresh, clean, night air. This means that the most adventurous of you can go for a late night’s swim. It already sounds too good to be true. But believe me, there is more.


Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Bulgarian Black sea


One of the best features of the Bulgarian coast is that it is perfectly safe, unlike many of the popular holiday destinations worldwide. First of all, there are no poisonous or dangerous species that inhabit the Black Sea. So you can go for a swim or a dive without any hesitations or fear of the unknown. On the other hand, the Bulgarian beaches are gently sloping down the sea, some of the beaches are really shallow and some get deep slowly and gradually. So it is the perfect place for children since there are no dangerous depressions and drops that can mislead them into going deeper into the sea.

Down the Bulgarian coastline, you can stumble upon some of the purest, untouched, virgin beaches in the world. The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has become a favorite tourist destination due to the extensive amount of hours of sunshine (240h in May and September and well over 300h in June and August) that supply the tourists with the best sunbathing and beach experience. We have already prepared an entire article that tells you more about those locations, how to get to them and what you can do there. You can check it out here. But just so you get the idea – imagine an empty beach, surrounded by woods on one side and high picturesque cliffs on the other. That’s the typical secluded Bulgarian beach. No one in sight, just the sea and the peace and serenity you may long.


Bulgaria has stunning beaches

Bulgarian Black sea


We have an article about Bulgarian famous beaches here.


Nature wise, there is no better place to pick for your summer holiday. The stunning landscape and beautiful sites offer some outstanding opportunities for activities such as scuba diving, horse-riding in the wild, birdwatching, watersports and much more. And the weather is just as cooperative. Normally the temperatures range from 30 to 40 degrees and the water is also really warm (around 30 degrees).

Article about Climate and Weather in Bulgaria


But Bulgaria has great advantages in terms of accommodation as well. The resorts in the country are some of the cheapest in Europe and offer a really good deal for your money. There are limitless different alternatives that range from 5-star hotels to rental villas with private swimming pool in some of the most picturesque and peaceful areas around the seacoast. There are also options to rent an apartment in the major resorts such as city of Burgas, etc. For those of you who love adventures, there are numerous camping sites and suitable locations that will satisfy the needs of your adventurous spirit completely. All of those offers actually come at a really good and affordable price and you are sure going to spend a holiday that will be an excellent value for your money.


Bulgarian food

Sea restaurants in Bulgaria


If you are not sold on a vacation on the Bulgarian seacoast yet, wait until you hear about the delicious foods and drinks that you can find in Bulgaria. What the seacoast will really stun you with is the wide variety of fresh, local, seafood. You can try it in the numerous little restaurants and diners along the sea. Some of the owners of such places even go fishing singlehandedly, in order to deliver only the freshest and most flavorful produce to the diner’s table. Mussels, squids, different types of fishes, they all come beautifully cooked and presented in the local small diners. The best part about all of them is that they come straight from the sea right to your table. And just in case you are not a great fan of seafood, the entire range of Bulgarian cuisine is straightforward delicious. You will find many things that are likely going to appeal to your taste. And the best part – just as anything else in Bulgaria food and alcohol are extremely affordable.


We have an article about prices in Bulgaria


Bulgarian seacoast has a lot to offer in terms of historical sites and interesting and unique attractions. There are some really beautiful, charming little coastal towns that will really make you fall in love. Some of the most popular and interesting ones are definitely Nessebar, Burgas, Sozopol, Balchik, Varna, Primorsko, Kaliakra, etc. If you are looking for different activities you can indulge in while on your holiday in Bulgaria, do not hesitate and check our suggestions in our blog. There you can also find different interesting locations you might like to visit.


Nightlife on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Nightlife on Bulgarian black sea


Another thing that you might enjoy is the abundance of nightlife on the Bulgarian seacoast. Resorts such as Sunny Beach offer an outstanding opportunity to experience the wildest parties on the Balkans in the night and still supply you with the opportunity to enjoy the pristine beaches during the day.


The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is not only beautiful, but it is also the most mesmerizing and rich in culture, history, attractions and interesting events in Eastern Europe. If you are already planning your next holiday, you better keep the Black Sea in mind. It is just the perfect mixture of stunning nature, cultural and historical sites, a wide variety of possible activities and all of this comes at a really good price.



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