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How to find parking space in Burgas
Parking in an unknown place can be quite difficult and sometimes tricky especially in larger cities such as Burgas. Here is all you need to know about parking there. There is this differentiation [...]
May 15, 2019 Category: city-guides-bulgaria 0 Comments
Golden Sands Resort – Info
Golden Sands used to be one of the most popular and famous Bulgarian resorts. Its name is still quite familiar and really sparks the expectations of the future guest of the resort. And this is [...]
May 13, 2019 Category: Holiday Guide 0 Comments
Bulgarian Black Sea info
It is a favorite tourist destination in all of those countries. But today our scope is focused on the Bulgarian Sea Coast and what to expect when you book your holiday in a rental villa with a [...]
Apr 24, 2019 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Bulgarian famous “hidden” beaches
You sure have heard about Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, two of the most famous Bulgarian resorts and their amazing beaches. But it turns out that in Bulgaria you can enjoy some of the most [...]
Apr 19, 2019 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Cheap flights to Sofia, Bulgaria
One of the most important parts in organizing any holiday is arranging the traveling process. It is doubtless that a good initial travel experience sets the tone for the entire vacation. So you [...]
Apr 17, 2019 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Northern Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria
The Northern and South regions of the Black Sea Coast has a lot to offer in terms of luxurious resorts, hotels and apartments, and villas with pool for rent. And if that is not a good enough [...]
Apr 10, 2019 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Sunny Beach
Bulgaria is famous worldwide for many different things and reasons. But there is one resort whose name draws the attention every single time it is mentioned. And that is Sunny Beach. Despite the [...]
Apr 08, 2019 Category: Holiday Guide 0 Comments
Is Bulgaria part of the EU?
Bulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe that has really become a popular tourist destination in recent years. But one of the most common questions that come to mind whenever people plan [...]
Apr 05, 2019 Category: Holiday Guide 0 Comments
Things to know before your holiday in Bulgaria
Each country has its very own specifications and customs when it comes to foreign visitors and tourists. Here we’ve put together a list of things you should definitely consider doing while you [...]
Apr 01, 2019 Category: Holiday Guide 0 Comments
Things to do and activities in Bryastovets, Sunny beach
A simple guide to all the activities you can enjoy while on holiday in our private villas with swimming pool. No matter what sorts of activities you've picked for your vacation in a holiday [...]
Mar 28, 2019 Category: Holiday Guide 1 Comments
Holiday in Bulgaria
Coming up with the perfect holiday spot can be a dream task since everyone has a different idea about the best way to spend their vacation– to some it means sunbathing and enjoying the seaside, [...]
Mar 26, 2019 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Cost of villa holiday in Bulgaria
Renting a holiday villa in Bulgaria is one of the most flexible ways for a vacation - an excellent solution for families who need an experience that suits all ages, groups of friends who want to [...]
Mar 06, 2019 Category: Holiday Ideas 0 Comments
5 tips to book the perfect holiday in Bulgaria
As you know, the holiday season is approaching, and this is an ideal occasion for planning your summer holiday. Sometimes finding a good holiday property in Bulgaria and reserving it, can be a [...]
Feb 15, 2019 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Climate and Weather in Bulgaria
We would like to give you some advices on how to choose the best time for visiting us in order that you spend a wonderful holiday in our villas. Naturally this may be helpful if you have the [...]
Jan 12, 2019 Category: Holiday Guide 0 Comments
Best Cheap Restaurants in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
The prices of meals in the Sunny Beach restaurants may vary from very cheap to some very expensice. There is something for every one and every budget. While cheap meal doesn't mean a bad [...]
Jan 12, 2019 Category: Where to go 0 Comments