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Cost of villa holiday in Bulgaria
Renting a holiday villa in Bulgaria is one of the most flexible ways for a vacation - an excellent solution for families who need an experience that suits all ages, groups of friends who want to [...]
Mar 06, 2019 Category: Holiday Ideas 0 Comments
5 tips to book the perfect holiday in Bulgaria
As you know, the holiday season is approaching, and this is an ideal occasion for planning your summer holiday. Sometimes finding a good holiday property in Bulgaria and reserving it, can be a [...]
Feb 15, 2019 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Climate and Weather in Bulgaria
We would like to give you some advices on how to choose the best time for visiting us in order that you spend a wonderful holiday in our villas. Naturally this may be helpful if you have the [...]
Jan 12, 2019 Category: Holiday Guide 0 Comments
Best Cheap Restaurants in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
The prices of meals in the Sunny Beach restaurants may vary from very cheap to some very expensice. There is something for every one and every budget. While cheap meal doesn't mean a bad [...]
Jan 12, 2019 Category: Where to go 0 Comments
Bulgarian Yogurt
Bulgarian Yoghurt or "Kiselo Mlyako" is undoubtedly the best and healthiest of all dairy products available to consumers today as a mildly sour yoghurt. In the western world it is called [...]
Jan 11, 2019 Category: Travel 0 Comments
While on holiday villa in Bulgaria
It is of great importance for us the information which we represent below to catch your attention and we do hope you would decide to come to Bulgaria and to stay in our villas.Therefore we have [...]
Jan 06, 2019 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Cost of your holiday in Bulgaria
The strongest tourist attraction of Bulgaria - apart from its beautiful nature - is the cost of the holiday, which is affordable for almost everybody. People coming from Western Europe [...]
Nov 22, 2018 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Money (Currency) in Bulgaria
The Bulgarian national currency unit is called LEV (LEVA in plural form) and has the international currency code BGN. The coin is called STOTINKA (STOTINKI in plural form). One Lev is worth 100 [...]
Nov 21, 2018 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Tipping in Bulgaria
Good service deserves a (good) tip. Tipping is welcome all over the world and so in Bulgaria. Rules for tipping vary from country to country but everywhere tipping is expected [...]
Nov 20, 2018 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Vignette for driving in Bulgaria in 2019
A vignette (toll sticker) is required driving on Bulgarian state roads. These are practically all main roads in Bulgaria and there is no option to avoid buying a vignette for driving in Bulgaria. [...]
Nov 19, 2018 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Cheap Fligts to Bulgaria
There is no universal rule how to find a cheap flight to Bulgaria. The easiest way is to book over the internet or alternatively through a travel agency if you don't have much time to spend [...]
Nov 18, 2018 Category: Travel 0 Comments
Sunny beach nightlife
Bulgaria’s cheapness is the reason why many tourists visit Bulgaria and Sunny Beach. Guess what? - Bulgaria is still one of the cheapest countries in Europe for going on a holiday. Sunny [...]
Nov 18, 2018 Category: Where to go 0 Comments
Top Bulgarian sandy beaches
The Bulgarian Black sea coast is 378 km long and consists of a great number of beaches - they vary from small, secluded beaches (some of them even narrow and rocky) to wide and crowded beaches [...]
Nov 18, 2018 Category: Where to go 0 Comments
Archeological places near Burgas
The Bourgas region has been a crossroad of ancient civilizations since the VII – V century BC. Evidences for that can be seen in each museum in the area: items from the prehistoric times (IV-V [...]
Nov 06, 2018 Category: city-guides-bulgaria 0 Comments
Bird watching in Burgas, Bulgaria
If you are interested in bird-watching, Bulgaria in general is a paradise and Bryastovets in particular is the perfect base from which to explore the many possibilities that the beguiling Black [...]
Nov 06, 2018 Category: Holiday Ideas 0 Comments